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About Us

The first thing you should know about us, is that we are big believers that actions speak louder than words. So rather than filling this page with text, here is a video of us... in action.

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    You Matter
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    Keep it simple
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    Love what you do
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    Deliver on what you promise
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    Be real, be you, be fearless
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    Dream big & enjoy the journey

Our Values:

👫 You Matter 👫
Junior or senior. Start-up or global brand. This kind of stuff doesn't impact our perspective. We don't care where you are from, or what university you went to, or even if you went to university at all! Everyone we interact with will we be provided with the same respect and level of service.
🧩 Keep it simple 🧩
We do not believe in jargon or overcomplicated solutions. What we do believe in is being honest, transparent and finding the simplest solution to any problem.
❤️ Love what you do ❤️
If you aren't waking up everyday and loving what you do then there is a problem. Life is short, so go seize it! Do something great, take a risk, and surround yourself with brilliant people!
🍕 Deliver on what you promise 🍕
Words are great, they allow us to express ourselves in song, poem and literature. But actions and results are what matter. If you make a promise to anyone, make sure you follow through and finish it.
🦁 Be real, be you, be fearless 🦁
It is paramount that you follow your passion. If the crowd is going in one direction that you don't agree with, be brave enough to follow your own path. Not everyone will support you, but those who do are the ones that matter.
🚀 Dream big & enjoy the journey 🚀
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Never stop learning, maintain the constant pursuit of growth. Enjoy the journey. Set a goal and go after it, the chase is the most fun. Celebrate the small wins, and be proud.
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Get in touch

If you are struggling to find top talent for your team, or looking for new role yourself, please get in touch as we would love tell you more about how UMATR can help.
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Who we are

UMATR is a technology recruitment company, primarily focusing within Scala, React, and Cloud Computing. We were born out of the desire to challenge the conventional and outdated recruitment model & values. We have set out to disrupt the industry. We have set out to do things differently. To inspire confidence and spark creativity.

UMATR is rethinking what a recruitment partner can be. Fuelling collaboration between tech companies and their external partners. Investing in our team, to help your team make hires that matter. We are on a mission to build an international community and take UMATR to all corners of the globe. We want you to join us on this journey.

Why? Because your organisation matters. Your team matters. Your career matters. YOU MATTER.