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Hey, I'm Becca

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​Hey, I’m Becca! 🙋🏽‍♀️

I am a Talent Scout at UMATR, with a strong focus on the European tech scene🌷

Ever since I can remember I have always had the mindset of whatever I wanted, was always achievable as long as I went out and worked my hardest for it! I thrive on building relationships with all of my clients & candidates, I always like to put a face to the voice behind the phone. 🚀💫

I have had exposure to a few different industries over the years, and have always been certain to make the most out of my opportunities, by learning & developing a range of customer-facing skills, whilst making everything exciting and enjoyable. One of my roles was at a theme park, and others included managing teams within the hospitality industry across London. I love meeting new people and am so passionate about creating a positive work environment! 🎢🍹

Another passion of mine is travelling. I have been fortunate to visit many different countries so far, and will never say no to a new getaway or a spontaneous trip! It is amazing to see new places and how certain parts of the world have their own traditions & cultures. Witnessing these have really helped expand my mindset. I am looking forward to growing my network by bringing my own unique style and strong values when supporting software engineers and tech companies across the globe. 🌍☀️

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"I am very thankful that Becca pointed me to a great opportunity that eventually ended up becoming my next job. She was very professional and helped me through the different steps of the process. I highly recommend her skills!"


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