AWS vs Azure vs Google: Cloud Services Comparison


AWS vs Azure vs Google: Cloud Services Comparison

Posted 16 March 2021

鈥婣mazon, Microsoft and Google dominate cloud computing providing the most flexible, safest and most reliable cloud services. Their cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offer clients and their businesses a range of storage, computing and networking options. 馃枼锔

We know it can be a challenge and very time-consuming to research each provider鈥檚 detailed product portfolio, so we鈥檝e compared the most common elements (e.g. cost, leading features, how secure and disadvantages) to help you identify comparable services across AWS, Azure, and GCP, and conclude which platform will ultimately be the best fit for your business needs.鉁旓笍


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How Much Does AWS Cost?

One of the most attractive features about AWS is that its more affordable compared to its competitors. AWS requires no upfront payments or long-term commitments, and instead charges on a pay-as-you-go system which can be very appealing to a start-up business that may be tight on a budget. AWS also has a quote calculator to give you an estimate of how much its services will roughly be for your business. The price of AWS has been decreased 15 different times over the past 4 years, proving Amazon is constantly looking for ways to make its services cheaper. 馃挵


What are the main features of AWS?

Accessible from over 190 countries, getting to start with AWS can be incredibly easy. 馃實

Some of its leading features include:

路       Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

路       AWS Elastic Beanstalk

路       Amazon Relational Database Service

路       Amazon DynamoDB

路       Amazon SimpleDB

路       Amazon Simple Storage Service

路       Amazon Elastic Block Store

路       Amazon Glacier

路       Amazon Elastic File System

路       Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC

路       Elastic Load Balancer

路       Direct Connect

路       Amazon Route 53


How Secure is AWS?

AWS has built industry-leading security infrastructure for their clients, claiming to possess the largest ecosystem of security partners and solutions. Their system is fine-tuned to prevent attacks, detect any suspicious activities, respond to incidents quickly and effectively and remediate your AWS environment. 馃敀


Disadvantages of AWS?

The main disadvantage of AWS is that the price you sign up for doesn鈥檛 cover the other services you might eventually need, so it may be slightly confusing. AWS also doesn鈥檛 offer customer technical support by default. Instead, it comes with an added fee. There is also a cap on the resources on their platform. AWS does have resource caps to help avoid system overload. The cap is placed at a setting that the average user isn鈥檛 expected to exceed, and you are able to request an increase, but you鈥檇 have to pay more for the additional space. 馃挼

Although it is easy to get started with AWS, it鈥檚 another thing entirely to actually understand how to run it. There is an expected learning curve while you get a handle on AWS鈥檚 platform. 馃摉

Microsoft Azure

How Much Does Microsoft Azure Cost?

Azure offers a calculator to estimate your monthly cost and will charge based on the minutes of consumption used. They also offer lump-sum payments for short-term commitments offered at a discounted rate. The final monthly cost with Azure will be affected by many features, including per-gigabyte fees that are applied to both storage and usage. 馃捀


What are the main features of Azure?

Azure hybrid benefits are reported to be easier to set up, change and configure. 馃捇

Some of its leading features include:

路       Virtual Machines

路       App Service and Cloud Services

路       Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

路       Azure Functions

路       SQL Database

路       Table Storage

路       Azure Cosmos DB

路       Disk Storage

路       Blob Storage

路       Azure Archive Blob Storage

路       Azure File Storage

路       Virtual Networks (VNets)

路       Load Balancer

路       ExpressRoute

路       Azure DNS


How Secure is Azure?

Microsoft has invested over one billion USD into Azure鈥檚 multi-layered security system, proving it to be one of their main priorities. You can opt into certain security features when setting up your Azure account, which will increase the protection of your data. You can encrypt all your data stored on the server-side, which will prevent readable copies from being available if your profile is breached. There is also an advanced-encryption standard, which is one of the more popular security options on Azure. 馃敀


Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure?

Compared to other platforms Azure is said to be more difficult to use. Azure also doesn鈥檛 offer to manage your company鈥檚 data. Server monitoring and patching will still have to be done in-house or outsourced. 馃槙


Google Cloud

How Much Does Google Cloud Cost?

Google will provide clients with a calculator to estimate their final price. It鈥檒l also provide you $300 worth of credits to spend on their Cloud when you sign up to their free trial. Google charges per minute use and offers discounts after a certain product is used more than 25% of a month. 馃彿锔


Main features of Google Cloud?

An attractive feature of Google鈥檚 Cloud functions is that they are written in JavaScript (Node.js), Python, and Go. The platform utilizes some of the most popular languages in use today, giving developers the ease of access that other platforms lack. 馃懆鈥嶐煉

Some of its leading features include:

路       Google Compute Engine

路       Google App Engine

路       Google Kubernetes Engine

路       Google Cloud Functions

路       Google Cloud SQL

路       Google Cloud Datastore

路       Google Cloud Bigtable

路       Google Cloud Storage

路       Google Compute Engine Persistent Disks

路       Google Cloud Storage Nearline

路       ZFS/Avere

路       Virtual Private Cloud

路       Google Cloud Load Balancing

路       Google Cloud Interconnect

路       Google Cloud DNS


How Secure is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is more secure than competitors as it offers its customers the choice between letting Google Cloud manage your profile keys or letting you manage your own. You also have the choice to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) which will provide you with an added layer of security so that even if a weak password is exposed, your system will not be hacked. 馃敀


Disadvantages of Google Cloud?

Since Google is newer to the market it therefore lacks many of the advanced features that AWS and Azure have so many clients chose to use it as a secondary provider. 馃


AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP 鈥 The Cloud Platform of Your Choice?

Ultimately, the choice should be determined by your needs, workloads, and what will work best for your business. 鉁嶐煆

The AWS Choice: Those with the budget as the main concern will likely be drawn to AWS. Its rich collection of tools and services is appealing for any user, but not for those who want more of a personal relationship with every customer. 馃鈥嶐煠濃嶐煣

The Azure Choice: If your business runs Windows and a lot of Microsoft software, you鈥檒l probably want to look at Azure. All of your existing .Net code will work on Azure and you will find it easy to migrate on-premises apps. 馃懇馃徏鈥嶐煉

The Google Choice: If you are a small, Web-based start-up looking to scale quickly, you might want to investigate Google Cloud Platform. 鈽侊笍




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