​Benefits of Joining a Startup Business


​Benefits of Joining a Startup Business

Posted 26 March 2021

"If you want to understand how a business works, go work for a startup. You'll get insight into every area of a business and get a better understanding of what you enjoy and what you don't" says Bruce Walker, Managing Director at FutureX. 💬

Over the past few years, startups have become increasingly popular for bringing innovative solutions to society, offering a flexible working environment, and being an overall cool place to work. When it comes to choosing a career, there is no right and wrong answer, but what is important is to know exactly what your career goals are before deciding between a startup or corporate. 🎯

So, what is working in a startup really like? What does startup culture involve? And how can this benefit your career? 🤔

Mission focused

Startups tend to be mission-driven organizations. Their intent is more than just driving revenue, but rather to solve problems and make the world a better place. Not surprisingly, Google, who was once a startup has been named the best place to work eight times out of the last 11 years and has been mission-driven since the beginning. 🌍

Maximum growth

Startups need to grow fast so they are always on the lookout for future employees with the same goal. By taking on multiple responsibilities and working closely with senior members, you’ll be able to prove your worth from the beginning, making it more likely to reach managerial positions much quicker than you would in a large corporate company. 🌱

More responsibility

You help with everything at a startup, giving you a lot more responsibility than you’d get in a bigger company. Although you’ll be hired partly on your skills and ability, managers will also be looking for people ready to take on new challenges and learn beyond their job descriptions. Opportunities for learning and growth are endless with added responsibility. 📈

Your impact is evident and rewarded

The nature of a startup team creates an environment where you don’t feel like you’re just a cog in a wheel. Larger, more established companies tend to have more structure and clearer hierarchies. Whereas in startups your place in the company is highly visible, and the impact of your work is more apparent than if you were in a more specialized position. And with the tight culture of most startups, everyone is encouraging eachother and quick to recognize their teammates success. 🥇

Company culture

In a survey of more than 100 entrepreneurs, 37 percent said that a new venture’s biggest challenge is getting the team right (Harvard Business School). It’s so important for startup businesses to ensure the team shares the same values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors to contribute to a great team culture. Colin Hewitt, CEO & Founder of FloatApp says, "at a startup you have a chance to really help create the culture rather than push against an established one.” A startup environment is often perceived as being less formal than a corporate environment and typically a fast-paced culture in which creativity, communication and enjoyment are valued. 🙌

Age is just a number

Startups are almost universally less than a decade old, so it’s more likely they know what younger workers find most engaging. Founders also tend to be younger than average, however, employees in the startup industry apparently favor working with younger bosses, says a TeamLease report. Some of the most well-known and most successful startups in recent decades including Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg – aged 20) and Apple (Steve Jobs - aged 21) have been founded and managed by some of the youngest entrepreneurs. Startups are looking specifically for enthusiastic candidates who are the right cultural fit – age and skillsets matter less meaning everyone has an equal opportunity. ✔️

Modern perks

Employee satisfaction is essential to a company's overall success, which is why it's crucial to offer incentives and perks that excite employees as well as attract top talent. One of the best benefits of working for a startup is that they usually offer attractive perks such as gym memberships, free food, remote work policies and company retreats. Great benefits will keep you healthier and happier at work, plus you’ll probably feel a lot more relaxed. 😊

Overall, startups have a strong reputation for being fun places to work with a “work hard, play hard” attitude. Although you’re still expected to work hard, you have a much more informal corporate structure, closer bonds with your colleagues, and everyone is given an equal opportunity for maximum success.


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