Internal  Recruiters: How to successfully attract top talent directly


Internal Recruiters: How to successfully attract top talent directly

Posted 09 March 2021

How to engage candidates but grabbing their attention on our direct messages, plus building your personal brand and how you can immerse yourself within the community.


In a competitive market, hiring and retaining top talent is as tough as it’s ever been. Success isn’t just about your skillset but also about maintaining consistency, since when you’re recruiting the best of the best, you also need to be the best of the best. As an external recruiter, we have the benefit of being able to attract candidates by having an abundance of positions to speak with them about. Whereas when you are in an internal role you really need to stand out from the crowd. Why is a candidate going to want to speak with YOU and your company? 🧐

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant skills and habits that can help you become a more successful recruiter. We’ll be splitting this article into 2 sections: Outbound and Inbound techniques. Although they are different recruiting philosophies with different approaches and tactics, they both share the same end goal: hiring the perfect candidate. 🚀



Outbound recruitment is a strategy that requires you to actively search for people who would qualify for a role you are offering. To be successful at outbound recruitment there is less of a need for personal branding, social media ads, marketing or SEO. Your focus will be finding, attracting and securing the top talent, this is done by your ability to find, your skills to attract, and finally forming a genuine relationship with the candidate where you make their interests your main priority to be in the best place to secure them. ✍🏼

Know what you’re looking for

As mentioned above, as external recruiters we have the luxury of speaking to candidates about a range of options. Therefore, the way UMATR operates is by connecting with the best talent available. Once sourced we are able to listen to them to understand what it is they really want and filter the best positions available to match them to their dream roles, which ultimately creates a streamlined process for them and our clients. However, as an internal recruiter, your time is precious, so it is imperative that you know what you are looking for and you attract the right individuals that share your passion. 💙

If you are a FinTech company for example, dig deep and find out what really matters to them; are they motivated to work within the FinTech space or have any personal interest relating to the industry? What tech do they want to use? Are they an IC or do they see themselves as a future leader? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Although, this is easier said than done. When a candidate is speaking to a client directly, they may tell you what they think you want to hear. Whereas with external partners they feel they can be more open. Nevertheless, even as an internal recruiter it is important you ask the questions. 🗣

Whilst it is beneficial to narrow the search down, from experience we would also recommend not rule someone out for not ticking every box. For example, some engineers may be missing a Degree, but they may have had tons of relevant hands-on experience and mentored by exceptional engineers meaning they could be a great asset despite the absence of a Computer Science Degree. 🎓 

Your Direct Message

Your first message should be used solely to grab the candidate’s attention by talking about what’s in it for them. We understand how much your company prides itself on the awards it has won and where it was shortlisted in 'X' list. However, top engineers get in excess of 10-12 messages about new opportunities each day so it’s vital to ensure you’re tailoring your message to their needs and experience. Mention how their current or previous responsibilities or achievements match what you’re looking for. So, before you tell them all the great things about your company, share with them what joining your company could offer. Whether it’s continued development, any members of the team that are active within the community, the opportunity for growth, flexibility, or support to complete training courses & attend conferences. 🍕

You want to make the main focus on what matters to them and what’ll they’ll be gaining out of the role. Once you have their attention your chance will arise to begin forming a relationship and connect with them to talk about the bigger picture and start to introduce your company, its values and its success. 🏆

By knowing what you’re looking means you can narrow down your search and ensure you are using your targeted messages to the most suitable candidates, which will lead to informative, honest, and enjoyable chats with your shortlist of candidates to filter down the very best matches, for both you and them.  

Communication & Efficiency = Good reputation

To attract the best talent on the market it is essential companies create a reputation well-known for their efficient service and exceptional communication skills. Invest time and effort in keeping the relationship active with the candidate all the way from your first message to even after the candidate is offered the position. ☎️

Even if the candidate is unsuccessful if you don’t give feedback or it’s a slow process you may risk building a negative reputation within the community. If they haven’t been successful ensure you gather insight from the team they interviewed with and share as much as possible to ensure they can better next time around. We appreciate it isn’t easy sharing feedback when it isn’t all positive but trust us, a candidate will appreciate your honesty much more than receiving nothing at all. Remember, their overall experience determines not only the success of your recruiting efforts but how they will perceive and talk about your company to others in the future. 👫 


Inbound recruitment is a strategy that proactively and continually attracts candidates without you reaching out first. It is a method of creating targeted, branded content to specifically increase your brand recognition, engage qualified candidates and convert them into job applicants. The importance of taking an inbound marketing approach to recruit is to not only build relationships with candidates but also communicate your business’ brand and values at every touchpoint. Furthermore, let's estimate you can reach out to 60 engineers per hour with a direct message. Spending 1 hour on a post may get seen by thousands. Creating a personal brand doesn’t provide instant results, but it can provide long-term results. Your brand can be effective on weekends, at night, and even whilst you sleep. 😴

Improve your brand and online presence

Your brand and online presence are how the market perceives you and having a memorable and positive brand is a crucial way to dominate in the war for talents. With 75% of candidates researching a company’s social channels before applying for a job opening, you want to ensure that your social media and online presence looks professional and attractive. Along with creating your own brand, ensure that your company pages are fresh and aligned with your values. Branding will rarely provide instant results, but by taking the time and effort to create it over time it will ensure you are ahead of your competition. 👩🏼‍💻

Leverage social media

Recruiters have found social media allows them to narrow the candidate search more effectively, and quickly find individuals who are qualified for the job. With channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Reddit, Discord, Github and Meetup groups, you can visit profiles to learn more about a candidate’s professional experience and personal projects. It also provides a space to learn more about their interests and what they value - which also helps identify the right culture fit in their next role. LinkedIn is our favourite platform, but the others mentioned above is often where some of the best talent hangout, so use your personal brand and get involved! 📲


If you are an internal recruiter and would like to have a chat about some more tips on how to successfully attract top talent directly then please feel free to get in touch with Mitchell at for a chat, we would be happy to help! 💫

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