How to speed up your hiring process and secure top talent


How to speed up your hiring process and secure top talent

Posted 15 June 2021

​Top engineers can come and go in the blink of an eye, and the efficiency of your hiring process may determine whether you get to secure the best people for the role or lose those people to competitors who may have a better hiring process. Speed can sometimes be the differentiating factor for an engineer with multiple job offers and coming to the decision of choosing you as their employer. If you lose a candidate to competition, it should never be down to their experience of the process or the time it takes – these are within your control! 🕕

So, what parts of the hiring process need attention to improve the candidate experience and ensure you don’t lose out on some of the best talent? 🤔

Define a clear candidate profile 🧑🏽

What does the perfect candidate look like for the role you’re advertising?

You should know exactly what you’re looking for before you even put a job description out. A well-thought-out candidate profile is the foundation for all next steps in the hiring process and you will be able to quickly identify which engineers match your needs, faster. If you are too broad with your search you’ll end up interviewing everyone and slowing the process down for those who are actually perfect for the role. On the other hand, make sure you discuss what you’re willing to be flexible on. If an engineer is perfect for the role but does not have the ‘Computer Science’ degree you’re looking for, are you okay to miss out on them? 🎓

Job descriptions 📝

Does your organization have clear and enticing job descriptions?

Your job descriptions should be clear and outline exactly what the role involves. Some employers may make the role more attractive, tweaking the description throughout the process to try to attract more candidates. However, you should always keep your descriptions clear and concise with the skills and requirements your company are actually looking for. That way you’ll be sure you’re attracting a niche audience and not those who don’t fill the requirements that you’re going to waste your time speaking to. To summarise, the job description should heavily focus on what the engineer will actually be working on, rather than how amazing your company is. They can find out about your company through research and talking to you throughout the interview process. The key to attracting engineers is them knowing the impact they will be adding. 🔥

Attractive career paths 🚀

Is your company showing a clear path to promotion/growth?

Growth plans and career paths is often one of the biggest perks for engineers. After all, most people make the move from their previous role to gain more experience and develop their career in the right direction. Companies which don’t put much thought into people’s future often find higher turnovers, so ensuring your recruiters and hiring managers are being clear about the career opportunities available at your organization is vital. It could also be the reason someone choses your company over another which may not emphasise much care on personal development opportunities. 📈

Application process 🖊

Have you checked how long it takes to complete an application process?

You should make sure you test how long it takes to apply to the advertised role both online and on mobile to ensure it’s a user-friendly and a quick process. An application should only include required information and not things that are irrelevant. For example, things such as references you can get later in the process. If your application becomes too time-consuming, engineers may not bother altogether. ⌚

Using recruiters 🤝🏻

Are you working with recruiters who are experts in finding top talent and are constantly networking?

Finding the perfect candidate as quickly as possible is what we’re here for. We know that running a successful business can be incredibly busy and time-consuming, and sometimes you just don’t know when you’re going to be able to find the time to fulfil your hiring needs. Going through hundreds of resume’s and doing hours of searching can be very difficult, especially when your business is already going 100mph. However, by using a recruitment company like us at UMATR, you get access to all our market knowledge. We understand your sector well, and will therefore know what your competitors do, hire, and pay. Not only that, but we know which engineers are out there, what they are looking for, and what your perfect candidate looks like. We will then continue to build relationships with these people, making the entire process as smooth as possible. 👬

Referrals 💰

Does your company offer employee referral bonuses?

According to LinkedIn data, 82% of employers in 2020 said they rated employee referrals as one of the best sources for generating the best ROI, and 45% of those referrals stayed at the company for more than four years. During a search, recruiters or hiring managers may speak to engineers who are not open to opportunities, but they will always ask if they know anyone who is. Offering an attractive referral bonus will increase the likelihood of success and tempt candidates to actually make the effort to find a good match for the role you had in mind. With an incentive behind them, these referrals tend to be most successful because you will be getting someone who is more than likely going to be interested in the role. 💸

Interview process 💻

How many processes are your candidates going through?

Interviewing is one of the most time-consuming steps, especially with the more steps you have and if you’re not dedicating time aside for ‘interview days’. For most positions you’re looking at between two to three stages, and maybe one or two more if at higher levels. For interview processes which take too long, you run the risk of losing talent to competition which can streamline the process quicker. It also becomes more difficult for the engineer to find time to constantly book more stages within a busy calendar. Before interviewing begins your company should ensure:

·      You have a dedicated interview team and have planned the most efficient process ✍🏽

·      The team are aware of the required skills and what the perfect candidate looks like. If you find an engineer which is ticking 7/10 boxes, is the team in agreement that they still may be considered? ✔

·      You have set days/times interviews will take place 📅

·      You have time to provide quick feedback and book the next steps either directly to the engineer or with the recruiter. Feedback is vital when working with recruiters so they know the pros/cons and can continue to provide even better candidates 👂🏽

Communication with candidates 💬

Are you communicating regularly and keeping your candidates engaged to minimise the temptation of them going elsewhere?

With strong engineers in your pipeline, you want to ensure they won’t be tempted elsewhere. Communicating regularly and being transparent will help keep candidates engaged and set expectations. If recruiters or hiring managers show lack of communication, it more than likely won’t reflect the company well and reduce the chances of the engineer staying interested. 😴

Offer stage 💵

Are you prepared to make an offer?

When working with strong recruiters, they would have been able to provide you with an engineer’s salary expectations from the start and what someone would need to accept. So, once you find the right candidate, it’s best you pause interviewing others and focus on securing your first choice. Of course, you should have backups, but it’s a good idea to be ready to extend an offer to your preferred candidate straight away, ideally on the same day as the interview. Plus, make sure you are keeping your other applicants or your recruitment partner in the know about where they stand. Without communication they may think you’re not interested or might move on to another company. Moving quickly is a win-win - you are not only increasing your chances of securing the perfect candidate, but also allowing unsuccessful people to continue looking for a role that’s a better match for them. 👌🏽

Within the hiring process, everyday counts, and getting strong engineers who are going to add value as quickly as possible is crucial to any organisation’s success. By taking efficient steps to shorten the timeline, you can make the final offer sooner and be in the best position to hire top talent for your team. 👨‍💻

Working with a recruiter is one of the easiest ways to speed up your hiring process – we’re experts at finding the perfect candidates, keeping them engaged, communicating the benefits of your company, and making the process as efficient as possible. If your business is struggling to attract and secure top talent then get in touch to discuss your hiring needs with UMATR and how we are able to help. 💙



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