How  to ace your tech role interview – both in the UK and the US


 How to ace your tech role interview – both in the UK and the US

Posted 12 October 2021

Hiring in the tech sector has picked up considerably post-pandemic, and many employers are engaged in a fierce battle for the best talent. This should in theory mean that it’s easier to land yourself a tech role. But it’s important to remember that the fast-moving, fast-growing tech sector can be highly competitive, so candidates will need to do all they can to stand out.  

If your CV is impressive enough to land you an interview, it’s time to impress. Here’s some top tips for acing that interview for your dream tech role, including a couple of differences between recruitment processes in the UK and the US – just in case you’re searching for roles across the pond.  


Approach virtual interviews with professionalism  


Post-pandemic, many interviews are now conducted virtually using video conferencing technology. This trend may well stick around, with employers and recruiters finding it more efficient to conduct first-round interviews this way.  

As a candidate, it’s important to treat virtual interviews with just the same care as an in-person meeting. Just because you’re in your own kitchen, this doesn’t mean that messy surroundings and less-than-professional dress is acceptable. So tidy up, present yourself well and test out the tech beforehand.  


Be honest about your skills and experience 


There’s an art to interviewing well, which means showcasing your skills and experience without overpromising. And without appearing as if you’re bragging, which we’ll come to in just a moment – hint: it’s more acceptable in the US. 

Be upfront when answering questions, articulating what you do know and being honest if it’s something you have no experience in. If you’re caught in a lie, or asked more technical follow-up questions than you can answer, it could spell disaster for your chances of getting hired.   

Remember that if you’re interviewing for a role in a new country, you may need to explain more about your educational and work background. For example, an employer in the US may not have heard of your university or the company you worked for, however prestigious or impressive it may be back in the UK.  


Prepare to talk about your best previous projects 


In the UK, you need to showcase yourself as an ideal candidate for the role. The best way to do this is with some case studies. It’s always a good idea to prepare some examples of brilliant projects you’ve worked on, where you can demonstrate both your success and your passion.  

However, Brits aren’t always the best at selling themselves. But salesmanship is crucial when it comes to interviewing in the US, where you need to connect the dots – spelling out plainly how your achievements and skills can help your new employer. It may feel unnatural at first, but it really does pay off to talk openly and clearly about your strengths.  


Ask insightful questions   


Avoid asking questions just for the sake of it, but don’t miss out on an opportunity if there is something you want to know. Show that you’ve done your research on the company and find out if it’ll be a good fit for you. Remember that interviewing is a two-way street.  


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