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The candidate is always at the centre of the search. Understanding what their perfect role looks like and streamlining the process by helping them find just that. Being by their side each step of the way. 

I had the good fortune to work with Hollie on my latest career move. And honestly I can say she is one of the best recruiters I've ever worked with. Always considerate and very friendly and professional. Hollie knows the industry quite well and I believe she has a wide network of contacts. She helped me find a role that is a great fit for me in a surprisingly short time frame when I was in a difficult situation. I would recommend to any software engineer looking for opportunities.

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Company - Germany

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The people at UMATR are definitely professional and did an exceptional job at finding me a new Scala position in record time.
Mitchell reached out to me as soon as I expressed my availability on LinkedIn, and along with the staff they managed to present me a choice of possible positions, all of them tailored to my profile, and all of them very interesting.
Eventually I managed to land the one I originally found more appealing (extra cherry on top), all within few weeks.
UMATR obviously know the landscape, and they're prepared to quickly identify potentially matching offers on the market. Mitchell was always ready and available to discuss every step along our "quite short" journey together, actually he was very active and always on-spot to get feedback from me and keep me in the loop for what was coming next.
I can definitely vouch for these people, keep it up!

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Company

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I worked with Jai while searching for a job as a Senior Software Engineer. After years of working in the software industry and job hunting, I know how time consuming the whole process is. Working with Jai, saved all the hustle of having to go through hiring websites or having interviews to then realize the job is not for you. I only followed one hiring process with a company Jai suggested, and the company eventually offered me all I was hoping for and more. As a software engineer, I highly recommend working with Jai and the team of UMATR. You'll save a lot of time and get opportunities that otherwise are not accessible.

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Company - Uruguay 

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One day after I openend up my LinkedIn for new opportunities, Mitchell contacted me with a more than relevant job opening. The company had an intense interview process. Mitchell made some reall effort to simply provide me with relevant details and made it less stressful. Finally, the negotiation was no back-and-forth bullshit. He helped me get what I was worth without any hassle. In short, relevant follow-up, good tips, and made sure I was happy in the end!

Senior Scala Engineer, Travel Company - Belgium

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I was looking for a new job for a while. It was hard to find "my" company, and I was sceptic when received job description from Mitchell with note "Secret opportunity". But after getting more details decided to apply and I'm happy: this is exactly what I looked!

Communications with Mitchell was easy, he supported me during whole process from apply to get an offer. This is a talent - to find right match between company and job seeker.

Do not think a lot - if you receive a message from Mitchell with job details - take a look, probably this is what you're looking for! If any time I decide to move forward, I be happy to work with Mitchell again. Thank you Mitchell!

Staff Scala Engineer, Tech Company - San Francisco

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First I would like to say thank you to Jai for all the effort and support during the whole process. I wasn't looking for a new position but Jai approached me in a respectful way, listening to what would make me happy at work. He managed to find a suitable opportunity for my profile that quickly became a perfect match for me. I am very excited to start this new adventure ASAP. Thanks again to Jai

Senior Scala Engineer, Software Company - Amsterdam

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I enjoyed working with Mitchell. He is a professional who worked on the best possible offer for me and the employer. During the negotiation process he would always answer questions on time. 10/10 would recommend to a friend

Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

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Jai has been very attentive and nurturing during my recruitment process with him, presenting me with only the best companies that match my skillset, and then staying on top of the process the whole way. In the end, he managed to place me in a great new role that I am looking forward to starting in. Thanks, Jai!

Senior Frontend Engineer, Tech Company - Spain


I am so grateful to UMATR for all their help in finding the perfect job. Thanks to them, the whole process was a lot less stressful. They made sure to check in at every step and didn’t let the different time zones stop them from making sure everything was going smoothly. It was especially nice working with someone who cared that I landed a fitting job as much as I did. I know they will continue to help match people with positions that are perfect for them

Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

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Jai is an amazing professional, since the first time he got in touch with me he was very friendly, helpful and he listened to understand what mattered for me and the kind of challenge I was looking for. Guess what? He nailed it! In less than a month I got hired by a great company. I recommend his work to any software engineer that is looking for a new challenge that fits what you value the most!

Fullstack Engineer, FinTech Company - Brazil

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I have a new found respect for the talent recruiters ever since I met with Mitchell. He has a deeper understanding and he his willing to invest more per candidate instead of going for quick rewards. He has been very pleasant to interact with and I highly recommend him.

Scala Team Lead, Consultancy - Canada


 I absolutely recommend Jai. He helped me get the job I currently have, which I love.By chance, Jai got in touch with me just when I become open to new opportunities. We quickly agreed to a call and we discussed my experience and what type of place, projects and team I'd be happy working at/with. Once we figured it seemed like a great match for me, he described the opening, the business, and mentioned what salary the company was offering for the position and what he thought they would be willing to offer me based of my experience and skills.He was always kind, quick to reply and was there every step of the hiring process, checking how I was feeling with it and whether he could offer his help in any way.Jai took 100% care of the salary negotiation part of the process, and he did an EXCELLENT job of it. Not once did I have to bring it up directly with the company, and I'm very happy with the result.

Senior Fullstack Engineer, FinTech Company - Argentina


I'm a software engineer and wanted to find a new job with good relocation package and by my chance I got a message in Linkedin by Brad.

He introduced each of the roles carefully and I could understand clearly what type of company I will have an interview for. I think Brad knows job seekers very well and know which job is relevant to them. During the process he was completely available and each time I needed his help or he had some news about the interview he called me and talked to me patiently.  I think he is very professional and does his job the best.

That was my luck that I got familiar with him and did the process with him.

Scala Engineer, Gaming Company - Portugal


Working with Becca was great. From the start she took care of the hiring process and guided me through it. She was there before and after each interview to support me and to give feedback when it was available. I really felt that she cared and was on my side, which I greatly appreciated .I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for software engineering role.

Scala Engineer, Blockchain Company - Boliva

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I was very pleased to work with Leonora! She proposed me a position in the awesome company and she was actively helping me during all stages of the recruitment for my current job, including both talking with the company's representatives and always keeping me updated.

Also I'm particularly thankful to Leonora for the negotiations about the offer that finally exceeded my expectations, it was very helpful because this is my first job purely abroad. I wish Leonora and UMATR all the best and fantastic growth!

Scala Engineer, Tech Company - Argentina 

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Bradley was really supportive at all interview stages and it was helpful to me. It was a long inteviewing process: 4 interviews plus 1 call from HR. I think we had twice as many calls. It was relieving to know the feedback after each stage and not having second thoughts.

Scala Engineer, SaaS Company - Amsterdam

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In just over 2 weeks, UMATR was able to help me secure a new position at a great company. I am grateful for all their help and look forward to starting my new job. I was always kept up to date with the most recent news on my application making the whole process go very smoothly. With people like that on board, I am sure that UMATR will have a great future. Thank you  for all of your help, it was a real pleasure.

Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada


"Bradley is a highly professional recruiter who asked nothing odd but only the right questions to determine which opportunity would fit my skill set the most and supported me along the way through the four interviews towards one of the most exciting offers in my life."

Data Engineer, AI Company - Netherlands


My experience with Leonora was very accommodating. She helped me throughout the entire process and was attentive to all my concerns. She addressed any worry I had and was always there for me when I needed help. I am really happy to have worked with her and she just got me a great job and I couldn't have done it without her help."

Junior Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada


"I am very thankful that Becca pointed me to a great opportunity that eventually ended up becoming my next job. She was very professional and helped me through the different steps of the process. I highly recommend her skills!"

Scala Architect, Gaming Company - Amsterdam

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It was such a pleasure working with Becca. After a detailed conversation Becca was able to find the opportunity of my dreams. I felt that she was by my side every step throughout the process. When it was time to negotiate she was there for me. I appreciate UMATR for hiring people like Becca. I would absolutely recommend them and will work with them again.

Senior Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

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​Mitchell contacted me at the time that I was absolutely frustrated with many recruiters and hiring managers. Working with Mitchell became one of my very rare and best experiences in job hunting. His support throughout the process, the efficiency and the communications were extraordinary. Mitchell never left me hanging wondering what was happening regarding my application. I felt absolutely trusted, valued and empowered. Mitchell has earned my respect and trust and I am grateful for the very existence of professionals like him in the industry. If you ever get a chance to work with Mitchell and his team, I am confident that like me you will understand the true meaning of a very smooth process. I mattered and I am sure UMATR, too!​​​

Data Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

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"UMATR was extremely helpful and professional. They guided me throughout and gave incredible recommendations.

With daily check-ins and their insight into the industry, they were able to make the process seamless and less stressful.

I can't wait to start my new job!"

Senior Frontend Engineer, SaaS Company - Canada

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Well, thank you UMATR, all I can say is that of all the Talent agencies I have worked with you were always the fastest to respond to my questions, quick to contact me at every step of the way and available as soon as I needed feedback. It was delightful to work with people who had my best interest in mind though the whole process. Thank you for guiding me into my future opportunity

Senior Golang Engineer, SaaS Company - Canada

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thank you VERY much for your help and efforts to find me a new position. I think you're probably the best recruiter I've worked with! I appreciate your attention and patience, and you're actually the only recruiter who indeed asked what I want and what I can and was able to find a good match! Also, I want to highlight that your regular communications, detailed knowledge of the position and my job preferences made a huge difference for me and helped in my decision.

Lead Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

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Jai was 100% accurate.He found my profile on LinkedIn, scheduled a call to understand exactly what I was looking for, and then he put me in contact with a really nice Company. He stayed on top of the process the whole way and I ended up receiving a really good offer from that company, paying more than 2x my current salary. That was it. Only one company, one process, one recruiter, and I'm making a huge leap in my career.Thank you Jai​​

Senior iOS Engineer, FinTech Company - Brazil 

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“ It was a pleasure working with Becca during the process of finding a new role in Amsterdam. She checked in with me at every stage of the journey and kept me informed of any feedback from the hiring company. She started with what I was looking for in a new role; and only highlighted positions that were a potential good fit. Becca’s previous working relationship with the hiring company made for an exceptionally smooth process and helped secure a positive outcome. On a more personable level, Becca was always pleasant to deal with which made the whole process of finding a new job that much easier.”

Scala Engineer, Fashion Company - Amsterdam

Avatar 98

It was an absolutely positive experience to work with UMATR. Communication was pretty straightforward, simple and timely. UMATR provided enough information about the job, the company interests and expectations for me to feel comfortable proceeding on every stage of the process. Additionally, UMATR was always available pretty much any time of the day to support further advancement of the process and to resolve any issues. Everything that has been organised by UMATR went as smooth as possible. And throughout the whole process I felt that they were playing on my side as well. I would highly recommend UMATR as your choice of a professional recruiting service.

Senior Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

image (24).png

Jai was relentless in negotiating with both sides until we found an agreement that everybody was happy with. Without his help, I might have abandoned the negotiation and settled for a less satisfactory position somewhere else.

Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

image (29).png

Mitchell is an absolute professional and very knowledgeable about the IT market. His help was invaluable for me to get my role. He was always available during all recruitment steps, acting as a bridge between me and my future employer. If you want to find someone to help you get a great next job, Mitchell is definitely the person to reach out to!

Java Engineer, Tech Company - Portugal 


Jai provided amazing support on my search for an Scala role, he make sure the process was aligned with my professional expectations, not only now but also moving forward, It was a great experience to be guided on the selection process by him feeling that he was pushing for me to get the best possible position.

Scala Engineer, Tech Company - Colombia   


Having worked with lots of recruiters in the past, working with Jai (and UMATR) was a refreshing experience. Rather than trying to shove me into an ill-fitting role, he listened to what actually mattered to me in my job search and presented opportunities that matched my career goals. I felt like I had a partner in the interview process, all the way from talking about career goals to accepting an exciting offer with a 66% salary increase. 10/10 recommend!

Golang Engineer, Security Engineer - United States 

image (27).png

I wasn't looking for a new position. Thus, I was rejecting most offers I would receive. Yet, Jai approached me in a respectful way, listening to what would make me happy at work. He managed to find something *really* relevant for my profile. He put me in touch with a new opportunity that quickly became a perfect match for me! I'm exciting to start this new adventure soon. That is thanks to Jai!

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Company - Canada

image (31).png

Having gone through the entire hiring process with Mitchell I can safely say that he is a true professional. Searching for a new job can be a stressful experience, but having his wisdom and enthusiasm made it feel like a breeze."

Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada

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It was a pleasure working with Mitchell, he did a great job keeping me updated on every step of the recruitment process, making sure that what the company was offering matched my expectations and vice-versa and checking how I was some weeks after my first day in my new job.

Scala Engineer, Fashion Company - Netherlands


Jai was a fantastic advocate and sounding board during my job search! He carefully listened to what I was looking for, helped make suggestions to prepare and was able to find several opportunities that matched what I was looking for in my search. He was instrumental in helping me evaluate opportunities and I couldn't be happier with how things worked out. Jai really knew when to push me and when to give me some space to consider next steps and I can't thank him enough for the work he did - I'm now a couple weeks into the new job and very happy with the compensation we negotiated, work I'm doing and the team is a great fit for me as well. All in all I'm really confident that I would not have been able to find as good of a spot to land in on my own - Jai really listened to what my needs and wants were and used his network and expertise to help me land an awesome opportunity.

Senior Fullstack Engineer, Tech Company - Utah

image (32).png

"It was a real pleasure working with Mitchell. He is extremely rigorous, attentive, and brings an empathetic and genuine attitude to everything he does. He reached out to me, not just with "a role" to fill, but what he saw as a potential match. He went above and beyond, communicating and helping me out at every step of the recruitment process.

Scala Engineer, Consultancy - Canada


Working with Jai was a refreshing change from the typical recruiter experience. Jai was attentive, encouraging, and kept the focus on a small number of opportunities with the technologies I wanted to work with. In the end I received an amazing offer with a company I am genuinely excited about. If the recruiting industry followed the approach used by UMATR, they wouldn't have such a bad reputation

Senior Software Engineer, Data Company - United States

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