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Jessica Ifill

Jessica Ifill

Senior Talent Scout

About Jessica

Hey, I’m Jessica✌🏼

After working the past 5 years in sales and retail alongside studying, I quickly realised the world of work is where I thrive. When 1/3 of your life is spent at work, it really highlights the importance of loving what you do to enjoy your life to the fullest. A new job you enjoy can be life-changing. One of my favourite parts of my previous roles was engaging and communicating with new people, to understand their needs and fulfil this. For me, seeing that I have made someone happy with their choice makes my day. This is where I challenged myself to start a new career in recruitment.😁

After researching UMATR, I knew this would be a great fit and wanted to get involved immediately. Their vision and goals to help grow and succeed is nothing I have seen before which is why it was so captivating. UMATR has given me the opportunity to apply my drive and ambition to help both clients and engineers love their jobs.💪🏼📆

In my personal time, I enjoy socialising especially exploring the different cuisines from around the world. A big personal goal is to travel to every continent and explore their cultures. The idea of new challenges and being pushed outside of my comfort zone is where I really feel alive. In the future, a big challenge for me is to push my career global to explore the world from a whole different perspective. 🌍🎯

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