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Hey, I'm Uzo

Senior Talent Scout

Uzo here👋🏼.

Everyone says the name is hard to pronounce - but think of the Greek drink and you’re almost there. Ironically, I don’t drink - but I do help Scala engineers find positions that suit them.


Bit about me - I love reading and trying new food. Also, exercising (though these days you wouldn’t think so). But I’m at my happiest when travelling - for me it’s one of the best ways to learn about other cultures. When travelling somewhere new, I get to eat new food, see new places, understand how others live, perhaps even run into a Scala engineer with a penchant for weightlifting and reading - what’s not to love? 


Could not resist joining a company called Umatr - the name was enough for me. That, and the shared drive, work ethic, and obsession with tall goals. I look forward to connecting - let’s talk about going abroad, squatting, and the smell of old books in charity shops, maybe even Scala engineers if we have time.  

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