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Hey, I'm Luke

Senior Consultant

Hey, I’m Luke!

I am a Senior Consultant at UMATR, with a focus on placing the bests Scala developers into organisations across the US!

Ever since a young age I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and had strong belief that what you put out to the universe combined with hard work ethic you can manifest anything you desire!


I Love helping my colleagues and seeing other people achieve the best versions of themselves. Weather that is a candidate or client that I am working with I always put them first.

I have had extensive experience working within sales and recruitment. And have over 4 years of experience working within the tech market and have worked within nearly almost every time zone. I always love being around people and sharing ideas you can quite often catch me watching a rugby game on the weekend at a local pub drinking real ale and talking to the locals!

Another passion of mine is travelling! I had a fortunate childhood where my parents took me to many destinations across the globe. I love experiencing new cultures and trying local cuisines, I am a keen cook my self and love eating out at restaurants or cooking at home. I can’t wait to become a inch wide mile deep expert within Scala and help my candidates achieve all there goals and desires as well as assisting my clients build world class teams and work culture.

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