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Product & Design hiring made

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"This brings back Digital Gurus to a market that it is recognised in and respected. Under the stewardship of Mitchell and the UMATR group, the market sees the return of a premium brand. It was crucial to me that if Digital Gurus was to return it was with a company and a leader who would do it justice. Anyone who has worked with the UMATR group knows this to be the case.  I look forward to candidates, customers and consultants all benefitting from the return of the brand to this region. I’m personally delighted."

Farooq Mohammed
Founder of Digital Gurus MENA.
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"My mission has always been to collaborate with those who share my values. Those who inspire confidence and spark creativity. This goes for clients, candidates, team members, and everything in between.

As a brand that I have personally been inspired by, and one of which that has had such big impact on the recruitment industry I am incredibly proud to be bring Digital Gurus MENA under the umbrella of UMATR. 
With DG on board, we can now offer expanded support in Product, Web, and Creative roles.

Their rich history and expertise, trusted by renowned organisations, make them the perfect addition to our team. Together with Farooq Mohammed, we aim to reignite and grow Digital Gurus MENA, cementing UMATR as the go-to tech and digital recruitment partner in the MENA region. We're excited to provide unparalleled service, create opportunities, and make a lasting impact in the tech and digital sectors."

Mitchell Franklin
Founder of UMATR Group
and Managing Director of Digital Gurus MENA.
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"DG is uniquely positioned to offer something new to the MENA region: an agency that solely focuses on Product Management and Product Design. These skillsets are two of the most impactful in a tech business and are also among the hardest to navigate.

I joined Digital Gurus MENA after spending 8 years building product teams for some of the most exciting tech brands and hottest start-ups in Europe. I am bringing that experience to a brand that has been recognized in this space for the same amount of time, and I have no doubt that we will make a real difference to our candidates and clients.


Nothing is more important than the people we work with, and my approach has always been community-first, something that I will be focusing on here! I am excited to lead this brand and can’t wait to see what we achieve alongside the UMATR Group."

Glen Willis
Product & Design Division Manager at Digital Gurus MENA.

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