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Some of our partners that already trust us:

Embedded Talent does exactly what it says on the tin. We embed the most talented recruiters into your team. 


Offering a fresh perspective on how to design and grow your internal talent function with more flexibility than you can shake a stick at! With simple monthly rolling contracts, allowing you to scale your internal team up or down within a moment's notice.


Our solution has enabled some of the coolest tech brands globally to ramp up when their hiring is most critical. From start-ups that need support with talent attraction and hiring processes, to larger corporations who have ambitious plans to scale and need the extra support to meet these demands. 

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You've heard of the terms “Talent Consultancy”, and “Integrated Teams” being thrown around.

But let's just cut to the chase and keep this simple. 

Monthly rolling contracts.
Grow any time. Cancel any time. 

Transparent monthly costs. No long contracts. No hidden fees. No commission. No nonsense. 

Dollar Notes


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Jack Gulas, CEO -YoppWorks 

"We’ve been working with UMATR for over a year now and pride ourselves to be one of their first partners. They provide a superior service whereby they truly understand our company culture and values and have developed a very comprehensive recruiting methodology to find us the best candidates in terms of both technical skills and project experience. The result - they have added numerous team members to our company who are now integral to the success of our business. I truly enjoy working with UMATR and consider them an extension of our team. "

What is an embedded talent partner?

An embedded talent partner is your new talent team member. Already trained, with their own resources, and a true specialism & network that they can leverage in your favour to help you identify, attract and hire the best technical talent available.

You can have your new team member join as quickly as 7 days, saving you valuable time in hiring, onboarding, and training. Research shows it could take a direct hire anywhere between 3-6 months to add value. Our Talent Partners have extensive experience at fast-growing companies and aim to add value in a matter of days. 

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All Hands In


How does it work? 

It isn't rocket science... but there is a science to recruiting well.  Combining the art of being deeply focused on the process, with being data-driven, and a few splashes of our secret sauce hiring the best talent becomes much easier. 

Monthly rolling contracts allow you to scale your internal team up or down within a moment's notice.


Discovery call

Let's find how what your dream team needs to look like, and what kind of firepower you need to reach your hiring goals. Based off the volume and timescales we will put together a custom package and recommendation for how many Scouts / Partners you will need.


Increase EVP

Employer Brand Proposition.

More critical than ever to secure talent in competitive markets. Embedded team members will act as your brand ambassadors in tech communities. 


Embed seriously talented recruiters

Our people become your people. Just like any other full-time employee they will update their LinkedIn and be embedded into your resources such as ATS, emails, and internal communications - and also introduce some tech of their own.


Future Plans

Talent Partners are able to provide in-depth real-time market insights. A valuable asset when talking about hiring plans. If more hires are pending talent pools can begin to be built out in preparation, or use this time to help with processes.


Get to work

Your new recruiter will be aiming to add value in a number of days. With a focus on sourcing, attracting, and securing the very best talent.


 Talent Retention

So all the hiring is done for the foreseeable future, so it makes sense to strip back your embedded team until you need them again. But it may be worthwhile keeping one around to support retaining the talent hired.



What is included:

Featured LinkedIn Jobs.


Building a database of candidates for your future talent pipelines.


Talent retention with in-depth insight of attrition.


Delivery Manager to ensure success of project.

Build a sustainable recruitment strategy.

Consultation on interview process and job specs.


Community branding with blogs, and joint marketing.


Help setting up local meet up and/or exposure at conferences.


More in-depth feedback provided to candidates.


Coach existing recruiters in best practices.






We have deep ties to the Scala & Functional Programming community. It has given us the opportunity to support some of the coolest brands globally.

After delivering on these roles, many of our partners began to request if we could support tech hires across the rest of their org. This has led us to build the foundations of many teams across these verticals and more...


Functional Programming






Cloud Computing



Data Engineers




Product Managers

Are you subscribed to Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify?

Why not be subscribed like that for recruiting?

Our subscription-based pricing works on a flat fee instead of based on hires made or retainers.


Talent Scout

  • Fully embedded into your team (emails, internal communication, ATS, LinkedIn)

  • Talent Attraction for tech roles

  • Talent Selection with thorough vetting

  • Build future talent pools 

  • Supports with brand exposure  

  • Write and publish jobs ads 

  • Weekly reporting

  • Market insights

  • Trained to use the best recruitment tech

  • Onboarding and administration  


  • Able to support with all that a Scout does, plus... 

  • Specialist within a niche

  • Advise on hiring plans & strategy

  • Represent brand at industry events 

  • Advise on existing interview process

  • Increase EVP within communities 

  • Introduce new tech to the team 

  • In-depth market insights 

  • Share expertise and knowledge 

  • Build relationships with hiring managers 

Talent Partner


  • Help founders build recruitment processes from scratch 

  • Introduce the most suitable ATS for your needs

  • Supports with complete hiring strategy 

  • Executive search to grow leadership team

  • If applicable, will train existing team on recruiting best practices 

  • Lead existing team of resources 

  • Can be onsite regularly 

Talent Director



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it sustainable? 

Yes. Embedded Talent is the most sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective solution on the market if you have multiple hiring needs. Embedded allows you to clearly forecast for the future with a clear monthly cost. No added employment taxes, or national insurance. Along with their skill set, they will also bring a toolbox of tech and resources, saving you thousands. Building an internal team directly runs the risk of having a high fixed cost when hiring slows down, whereas Embedded allows you to grow any time, or cancel any time to align with your plans. 

How long can they be embedded?

The minimum commitment is two months. There is no maximum length. We believe in long-term partnerships. We aim to build custom solutions that will fit your needs, whatever your future looks like. 


Can they do everything an internal team member can do?

Yes, more than in fact. Our team members are trained to the highest standards across sales techniques, recruitment best practices, value-led processes, empathy, brand representation, and of course to deliver results. With exposure to supporting some of the world's most well-known brands, to some of the coolest start-ups, we have seen it all. So whether it is urgent hiring needs or support with building processes. 

Will my Talent Partner be solely dedicated to us?

Absolutely! Our people become your people. Fully embedded into your team to be align with your hiring plans, your processes, and your values. It is important for us to partner with those who share our values, as we will become brand ambassadors online by updating LinkedIn, and IRL at industry events. 

Can they come onsite?

We love to travel! Not only do we love spending time in different cities, we love to spend time with our partners. We see the value in face-to-face meetings for productivity and to understand the culture. So whether you're in Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, NY, or Tel Aviv - we'll be there!

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