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We grow 
tech teams.

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Our core recruitment engine offers a traditional and simple, yet effective and premium service. With specialist consultants with the Scala, Functional Programming, React, and Cloud Computing spaces you can be sure to get the support you need on your most urgent roles.


Key traits: niche experts and quick delivery

We build 
talent teams.


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Born out of the desire to challenge convention, and provide a fit-for-purpose recruitment solution for forward-thinking tech companies. Embedded Talent gives you the power to instantly hire the most talented internal recruiters to support your technical hiring.

Key traits: sustainable and flexible 


  • "We want to pay a one-off fee per hire"
    With a limited amount of hires in a short timespan, it may make sense to pay a single fee for each hire made. These fees would be calculated as a percentage of the employees salary offered. The more hires needed, the lower the cost!
  • "We want to grow an internal team to control the message of our brand"
    Choosing an embedded model will enable the consultant to work very closely to ensure brand values are represented, the embedded team will be able to take this one step further. Our people truly become your people.
  • "We need to make a few hires in a tough niche"
    You have a limited amount of hires you are looking to fill within a niche, but typically have good success across other areas of the business then the core engine could be best for you. A specialist consultant who has deep ties to their community will be able to introduce top talent really quick!
  • "We want to build (or rebuild) our entire recruitment strategy"
    Choose embedded option - our experienced Talent Partners have time and time again supported some of the coolest brands set up their recruiting infrastructure, which is critical to provide a positive candidate experience, and more importantly retention of existing team members. From checking in on team members and providing market insights on salaries & benefits, to writing job specs, and introducing new tech.
  • "We would prefer to pay an all inclusive monthly fee"
    Choose the embedded model - the monthly fee covers everything. No hidden costs and no commission. No expenses taxes or national insurances for hiring directly. Talent Scouts, and Talent Partners come with strong knowledge of technical recruiting. Being trained to the highest standards in the industry, and provided with all of the resources to meet your hiring plans, such as; full LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, access to job boards, video software, and much more, including a bit of secret sauce to bring it all together. Just like your Netflix, or Amazon Prime, our Embedded Talent teams can be switched on or off with just a months notice at any time.
  • "We NEED to hire FAST!"
    We are a process driven team, always striving to raise the standards, and most importantly deliver quality results. Contact us today!
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