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Hey, I'm Jack

Talent Scout

Hey, I'm Jack ​👋🏻

Joining UMATR was a no brainier for me. Everyone about them screamed at me as not only being on of the best places to work, but also aligning with a lot of what I value. Helping people has always been a massive part of my life, in any way that I can, from offering advice to helping you find the best opportunities for yourself, I’m here! 🤸🏻‍♀️

I have had numerous different roles throughout my career, but they all centre round the same aspect, helping others. My Physical Education degree allowed me to develop connections with people in so many different ways, but I found I was learning far more from others than they were from me, which has developed me into the person I am today!🙆🏻‍♂️

I’ve come through many struggles in my life so far and I’m sure there’s more to come, but it’s how we react to those struggles that shape us into the person that we want to be! I find it amazing if you’re able to find a release, it could be anything (rugby, football and the occasional rom com), it can help in more ways that you can imagine! 🏉⚽🏓

If you’re looking for a new role, looking for top talent for your company or you’re simply in need of a chat, don’t be afraid to get in touch


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