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Hey, I'm Leonora

Senior Talent Scout

​Hey, I’m Leonora! 😇

I’m a Talent Scout at UMATR! I was intrigued to join UMATR when I learnt that the values and goals I share, align with those that UMATR displays. 🎯🥇

I have experience in many different sectors, from hospitality to retail. Finance to legal. Through this experience I have met people from so many different walks in life, which made me realise how much I thrived working in a people-oriented environment. The mixture of me being able to greatly empathise with people, and immense confidence in myself has meant that I have always been a “people’s person”. I love meeting new people, and building great foundations for positive relationships, especially with my candidates. 👥📊

I’m originally from Dublin & have family from all over the world. As such, travelling is a huge passion of mine. I have visited many places, and experienced a great variety of cultures. Despite completing a university degree at a young age, I feel the most valuable education I received has been through my travels as the life experience you gain through travelling, you cannot get through a book! 🌍🌆

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Helping Careers Move Forward

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I was very pleased to work with Leonora! She proposed me a position in the awesome company and she was actively helping me during all stages of the recruitment for my current job, including both talking with the company's representatives and always keeping me updated. Also I'm particularly thankful to Leonora for the negotiations about the offer that finally exceeded my expectations, it was very helpful because this is my first job purely abroad. I wish Leonora and UMATR all the best and fantastic growth!


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