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Patrycja Kaczor, Marketing Manager at UMATR

Hey, I'm Patrycja

Senior Marketing executive

​Hey, I’m Patrycja (or Pat)👋🏼

I am a Marketing executive at UMATR👩🏼‍💼✨

As soon as I’ve learnt about the company’s values, I knew this place was for me, and a company I’d happily market to the public.

I recently finished my master’s in management, which introduced me to marketing. Without a second thought, I knew marketing was something I want to pursue in life. It allows me to express my creativity, as well as stay connected with people. The relationship between the company and clients is greatly important to nurture, and that’s where I step in! 😇

In my day-to-day life, I’m passionate about cooking and fashion!❤ Although they are two different hobbies, both allow me to experiment and try new things– something that is important in life.

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