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A year since UMATR was launched, and oh boy, a lot has happened!

Overwhelmed would be an understatement about how we’re all feeling.

For many years, Mitchell, our founder, had the dream of starting his own business, and had mentally built up a vision for how the business would look. At the core was always people. To create an environment where the team comes first. To be surrounded by a team that genuinely supports each other. A platform for them to love what they do. To be fairly rewarded for their contribution and ultimately very fulfilled. Deciding on the name for UMATR was simple, because nothing else matters more than you.

In just a year we have already carved the foundations of this model - proving that it works. “If you look after your team, they will look after your customers”. We were born out of the desire to challenge the conventional and outdated recruitment model & values. Alongside creating an environment for our team members we have set out to disrupt the industry. We have set out to do things differently. This starts by partnering with clients who share our values, and when working with software engineers putting them at the center of the search. 🎯

We owe our quick success to this ethos. We are incredibly thankful for all of the support from both the tech and recruitment community. We have set out some incredibly ambitious goals and thought if we could get close to them in our first year it would be incredible, and set ourselves for a decent first year. Somehow we have managed to go above and beyond by exceeding every single target mapped out … BY FAR.

There’s a lot we are proud of.

Here are some of the highlights from our first year:

💙Sponsors of the Cloud Native London meetup

💙We are headlining Student Sponsors of LamdaDays, a tech conference in Poland, and we are giving 10 students free tickets so they can attend.

💙Exceed our initial target by 246%

💙We have successfully placed over 50 engineers into new roles

💙We have placed almost 20 Engineers with one of our first partners.

💙Have built 80% of another of our partner’s engineering team

💙Donated £10,000 to three chosen charities that mean the most to us

💙Have grown to 11 people in 11 months with more team members joining, we’re building the best team

💙Have recently signed a lease on a 34 person office (we outgrew our office 4 times already!)

💙24% of the hires we have made for our partners have been women or other underrepresented backgrounds

💙Two of our most senior team members in the business are female, and 40% of our business is female

💙Brought out our own merch, from t-shirts to coffee cups to branded strawberry seed sticks!

💙Thanked our team at the end of the year with European breaks, theater tickets, sporting events etc.

We can’t wait for this year, you have no idea how many things we have planned. It will be a huge year!

We would like to thank everyone again for the support. The clients that shared and believed in our mission & values. The engineers that trusted us to help them navigate the market and secure them their dream role. Last but certainly not least, every single person that has liked, shared, and got in touch with us. We appreciate you all so much.

If you are struggling to hire exceptional engineers, looking for a new role yourself, or interested in being part of the UMATR team please do get in touch at



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