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5 Signs It's Time to Get a New Job

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Is it time to change your job?

This can be both the easiest, and the hardest question to ask yourself. We all think about it from time to time, but what are the signs it’s finally time to hand in your resignation, and start looking for something new.

As recruiters, we are in contact with several dozen people in a day, and often we hear how dissatisfied people are with their current role, hence why we do anything in our power to place them in a job they will enjoy and be happy about. Our talent scout, Bradley, recently did a video on this topic discussing the points below. Check out his video below.

1. You’re actively looking to avoid your job.

When people are actively looking to avoid a job, they will do anything but the job - including things they usually wouldn’t want to do, or hate. Would you rather clean your whole house than do your work when you usually dread cleaning? How often does a slight cold make you take a sick day? Our job should be something we’re excited to do, not avoid!

2. You’re tired before you even start.

It’s built into our brains to feel more energetic when something is important and worth doing. Do you ever think to yourself on a Sunday night, “I’m dreading work tomorrow”. We all do from time to time, but not every week, or even worse, every night. Our lives are too short to have these thoughts, and work takes up half of our waking hours on any given work day. You should enjoy it.

3. The environment is unhealthy.

Are people shouting and being rude in the workplace? Are colleagues moaning about each other behind others backs? Do you often feel the need to lie or hide the truth to get the most out of your work? All of these things cause both mental and physical health problems in most individuals, and I think anyone would agree that these are not the environments to be in, even more so when your health is now at risk. It can simply be draining.

4. No more personal growth.

Think about the best sportspeople out there. They don’t keep the same regime forever, because if they do, they get stale. The same outlook should be applied to work, and it’s possible to achieve that without leaving your current role. But if you’ve tried to change it up before to inspire results and innovation, moving on may be the best course of action.

5. You’ve achieved what you wanted to.

Think about this like completing a puzzle or finishing a game. It’s significantly less enjoyable the second time you do it, let alone the third. When you started this role, you will have created some personal goals to do whilst working there. Was it a product you were working on, a team you were trying to build? If that’s now complete, what’s next? Complacency is the greatest killer of creativity. Always challenge yourself, and if your role isn’t doing that anymore, it may be time to move on.

Here at UMATR, we want everyone to get the most out of their role. As technical talent partners, we know that striking that balance for both employers and employees is key to successful business. If you think it may be time to find a new career, or are struggling to retain the best talent, get in touch with us. Our advisors are experts in talent acquisition.

For more information on job satisfaction and career growth, email, alternatively look at our team page and contact the consultant themselves.

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