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8 Questions to Ask At The End of The Interview

Completing a successful interview is a key step in getting a job. One way to impress an interviewer is by asking relevant and appropriate questions. If you want to succeed in your Software Engineering interview, it's helpful to come up with a list of questions in advance to show the interviewer you came prepared.

1. What are the expectations that you have set for this role?

Knowing the expectations of a role can help you better prepare for the duties and demands of the job. Especially at a high level of software engineering, position expectations can vary across companies. You can also ask the interviewer how the expectations for the role change over time.

2. Why is the team looking to fill the role?

The answer to this question will show you the qualities needed for this role, or even show the possible problems the team is facing and need help in. It will let you consider if this is a suitable role for you to fill.

3. Can you describe the team that I would work with in this position?

Knowing what type of team you would be working with in a position is important to consider. Think whether you enjoy working alone or in groups as well as if you prefer small or large groups. Ask about the size of the team, what the different roles are on the team and how the team collaborates.

4. What technology does your software engineer team use?

You can ask your interviewer about the type of technology and development tools that people at the company in software engineering positions typically use. This lets you think about whether you are comfortable with the technology that the company uses.

5. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the software engineering team?

Asking about challenges facing the software engineering team and the company as a whole can give you insight into the well-being of the company, and it can also show the interviewer that you care about the company and want to contribute to overcoming challenges and solving problems. It can give you an idea of what specific issues you would work on if you choose to accept the position.

6. What are the growth opportunities like in this position?

If you want to advance at a company or improve your software engineering skills, asking about opportunities for growth is a great way to gauge whether you can practice new skills in the position and move up to higher levels of the company. Asking this question can also show the interviewer that you are interested in working for the company long-term, which can show your commitment and dedication to the job.

7. What are your company's plans for the near future?

Asking about the company's future plans can show the interviewer that you're interested in working for the company long-term, and it can also inform you about the ways in which the company is growing. This can link to possible growth opportunities too. Are there any future projects that might interest you?

8. Why do you enjoy working at this company?

Another great question to ask your interviewer at the end of your interview is why they enjoy working at the company. The way that your interviewer responds to this question can give you insight into the company culture and the things that you might also enjoy about working at the company.

And lastly, a very important question to ask is “What feedback do you have for me?”




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