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Are External Recruiters Any Good?

I know it may be biased coming from us, but continue reading!

Recruiters are professionals and have been trained to hire. They understand the requirements and the business model of the company very well. So, without a doubt, they know how to select the right candidate for the job, by suiting their skills, qualifications and experience to the job description. They wouldn’t waste their time if they knew you weren’t suited!

  1. Recruiters will take the time to understand YOU

Everything related to the job, the recruiters will consider - your skills, your experience, your passions and the direction of where you want your career to go. Recruiters genuinely care, so even if there aren’t any current opportunities available for you or you find you’re not ready to move roles yet, they will contact you later on, if they find that perfect role that fits everything you’re looking for.

  1. Smoother hiring process

Recruiters will make life, and the hiring process easier for you. A recruiter will only put forward a small selection of strong candidates to the company, this makes sure that there is a response for each candidate. As for feedback, working with recruiters allows for seamless communication between you and the company.

Also, recruiters know all the ins and outs, so they will be able to provide hints and tips to really help you be the best at the interview and get your dream job. Better chances of being hired!

  1. Access to better opportunities

Recruiters may suggest jobs that you may not have originally considered. They consider how your experience fits in with all the available jobs, potentially opening up your career options and giving you the ability to take on a new task, or potentially a new challenge. Likewise, they will ask questions that may make you think and consider certain options e.g. relocation, higher salary etc.

  1. Negotiating a better deal for you

Prevents you from having awkward conversations!

Recruiters are not only able to negotiate salaries, but also other benefits.

Looking for a change in career? Get in touch with and work with us today. At UMATR, as tech recruiters and career consultants, we are committed to helping you find your dream role Because You Matter. 💙



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