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What it is like to work at UMATR?

1.What is your job title and role at UMATR?

Hey, my name is Becca and I started UMATR as a Talent Scout and was promoted 3 months later to Senior Talent Scout.

My role includes speaking to Scala Developers each day and chatting about the important things that they are looking for within their new job role. I take everything they say and introduce them to the companies that are suited to their dream position. I also assist them with their entire process from start to finish!

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

My mornings are usually very busy, first thing we do each day is our morning meeting, this is where we will set ourselves targets for the day and discuss any struggles we have faced so that we can all help resolve these. The first thing I do after this is check my LinkedIn to see all of the engineers in the right field that turned their profiles “open to work” so that I can reach out and chat to them as soon as they are on the market. I then fill my day with as many calls as I can, whilst continuing to search for the right candidates for our positions and catching up with engineers in their process.

I also spend part of my morning putting out personal branding posts on LinkedIn and also creating my own job adverts on Canva and on Linkedin. At least once a week I will also make video content with our wonderful marketer Patrycja.

After a delicious lunch on the rooftop, my afternoon is usually spent reaching out to companies that I know are hiring for Scala Engineers and giving them an insight into UMATR and how we can assist them with their hires.

3. What’s the best thing about your job?

Definitely the UMATR team, as cringe as it sounds we are definitely a little family! We are always making little plans throughout the week whether it’s a group lunch, a drink after work on a Friday or even our mid-month events that everyone has an input in suggestions.

The events we have been to have been incredible, Go-karting, the races, Tough Mudder, Winter Wonderland, Puttshack and so many other places. I have never worked for a place that puts team culture at such high value and it definitely is the best workplace I have ever had!

4. What skills do you need to be a great recruiter?

Resilience is by far the most important skill you will need in recruitment. The recruitment rollercoaster is no joke, you will experience some incredible highs of the job! However, the industry is crazy and there is a lot that is out of your control, so you need to have a thick skin and accept the lows as well as the highs.

Another skill you will need is definitely confidence, you are speaking to people who are very skilled in their own industry. It is fine that you may not know the ins and outs of engineering, software development, web applications, I DEFINITELY am not an expert in these fields. But you will learn the basics of the industry you work within. You need to display confidence that you are an expert in recruitment… listening and understanding what people want from their next career move and being able to put forward positions that you know have these values and important factors.

5. What was an unexpected part of your job?

I would say the management within my company was the most unexpected thing for me. I have worked under a lot of managers in a lot of large and small companies and I have never had the leadership and mentorship I have received within my Founder and Co-founder. Both Mitchell and Jai are younger than me so I never expected to receive the incredible management that I have done when joining UMATR.

Every single month Mitchell will recap my goals and targets for the next month, the goals I have for the next 6 months, 12 months, 24 months. These are not just my work targets but everything I want to achieve outside of work as well. It is so motivating not only being reminded each month of what my achievements have been but how close I am to my personal targets. Mitchell has achieved so much more than anyone I know that are my age, so it is great to have someone I can go to for advice and know that it is coming from experience.

Not only this, I am always shown recognition for the work I do. I have been gifted so many beautiful lunches, spa trips and even a trip for two to MYKONOS.

In general it is just abnormal to have management that truly cares about you, your well-being and your goals in life and shows their appreciation for their staff.

6. Why did you choose to join the technology industry?

It definitely wasn’t a choice for me, funnily enough it was my only reservation about UMATR. I had no experience or knowledge in the tech industry and I was very worried this was where I wouldn’t succeed in the role.

Turns out the technology industry isn’t as scary as I thought at all and it is something that I now have a pretty good understanding of and also enjoy learning more and more everyday. People that I have spoken to within this industry have been so lovely and have such interesting experiences and created so many things I have used myself!

7. What’s one piece of advice that you’d give someone thinking of joining UMATR?

Take everything in! Every single one of us does this in our own little way and people that join us now are very lucky that they will learn some of our individual best tips and tricks and take them into their own way of working.

Are you interested in joining UMATR to do work like Becca?



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