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Dubai Became UMATR's HQ

IT'S OFFICIAL - Dubai has become UMATR’s new HQ.

We can confirm that our central London office will be closing and all our resources will now be distributed between our Dubai & Kent offices... and with this move our future has never looked so bright, and the route to our end goal so clear.

However, with every good situation usually comes some bad. With the decision to pivot our operations away from London means we are parting ways with a few exceptional individuals where these alternative locations just didn’t make sense for them. We are so appreciative of them believing in our mission, and playing the role they did throughout their time here. If anyone is lucky enough to add one of these select few to their teams we can guarantee that you’ll be securing someone pretty special.

So, why Dubai?

Yes, UMATR is a Recruitment company, but our mission has always been to reinvest our profits into building our very own technology that will remove unconscious bias in hiring all around the globe.

Since we are a completely self-funded company, every single client and candidate that collaborates with us plays a part in investing in the future of this technology, and the immense change it will have in giving everyone a level playing field when searching for a new role.

To reach this end goal the huge overheads of a London HQ simply became unnecessary, and Dubai offers all of the following:

✅ Talent Attraction - some of our own biggest billers, leaders, and other of the most ambitious individuals live or want to live in Dubai

✅ Time Zone - tech hubs across Europe make up some of our biggest territories, so rather than being an hour behind in the UK, we are now two hours ahead, being able to provide an even more premium level of service

✅ Market Expansion - we already work across 25 countries, but being based in Dubai will allow us to further service the GCC and APAC regions

✅ Tax Benefits - for both team members and the business, it is incredibly tax advantageous to be located in Dubai, and surprisingly a lower cost of living vs. London

✅ Lifestyle - what is the point of building someone that is going to leave a legacy on the world if you don’t enjoy the ride whilst doing it?! Sunshine, sports, good vibes, the best food, and located perfectly to explore other countries! What’s not to love?!

The future is looking brighter than ever, and we're ready for the ride!

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