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How to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency to Scale your Business

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Companies choose to use recruitment agencies for several reasons. Some companies even grow to such a size that handling recruitment internally becomes nearly impossible. With entire departments and hundreds of employees, there’s only so much HR professionals can do to keep up with advanced talent recruitment, especially if they have other, more important tasks to work on.

Hiring talent is one of the most important aspects of a business, especially since it’s the people that make up the company. So, having a relationship with a recruiter is very important, the same way as agreeing with their values, and their recruiting style.

After all, you need to work closely to hire the best talent. They need to understand your hiring needs, but also the way your business operates.

So, how do you go about choosing the right recruitment agency?

1. Consider your hiring needs

The number one step in choosing the most suitable recruitment agency is to clearly define your hiring needs.

Ask yourself:

-How many employees do you need to hire?

-What kind of a position are you looking to fill?

-Permanent or contract?

-Entry-level or executive-level?

Defining your hiring needs and specifying all the details about the positions you are looking to fill is a necessary step for choosing the right recruitment agency.

2. Consider the recruitment agency's values and style

There were around 40,000 different agencies in the UK, and 20,000 in the US pre-pandemic, so you can imagine that many more have opened since then. More people are looking for jobs now, so there is a bigger demand for agencies. Yet, all of them differ slightly, so it’s important to understand their hiring styles.

Different recruitment agencies have different approaches to sourcing and placing candidates. Understanding how their processes work can be vital for deciding whether they are a good organization to work with and align with your company’s approach. You want to work with a recruitment agency that shares your values.

Narrowing down a pool of possible recruitment agencies to consider will make it easier for you.

Similarly, there are different types.

If you need to hire temporary staff, your best choice is staffing recruitment agency.

If you need to hire high-level executives, you should go for executive recruitment agencies.

For anything else, a general recruiting agency will suit you. Just ensure to look for general recruitment agencies that specialize in your industry! Agencies that specialize in niche industries are ideal - since they have a pool of people specifically for that role. Over time, they have built a network of people, and expanded their knowledge.

3. Consider their prices

The third step, and possibly most crucial in choosing your perfect recruitment agency, is the price. Most recruitment agencies have the general information listed on their websites.

To get more suited, personalized prices, we’d suggest contacting the agency for a brochure or a full price list.

You could then prepare a list of a few agencies of the appropriate type and send them an inquiry. Ask for detailed information about their services, terms and price.

4. Consider their expertise

The final step in choosing your ideal recruitment agency is to check the expertise of your top recruitment agencies - do your research!

You could check if they have a positive social media presence, ensure they are members of relevant professional associations, or you can also check their testimonials. Even if it’s a new recruitment agency, they should have staff with expertise in the field and pool of contacts to draw upon for each vacancy that they’re faced with.

Working with a recruitment agency takes the pressure off your in-house team and lets them focus on other roles. If you don’t know where to begin, our specialists at UMATR are here to help you solve any hiring issues your business may be facing.

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