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How To Hire Directly and Beat Competition

Recruiting top talent is important in every industry, and in some industries, hiring qualified people is especially competitive. Understanding how to appeal to top talent and move them through the hiring process may help you increase the number of highly qualified employees at a company.

Here are 4 ways to help you hire directly and beat competition.

1. EVP

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) explains why the employees succeed in the company, and why they are motivated to do well.

By showing what the experience of working at your organisation will look like, you’ll attract candidates who are a natural fit and value the benefits they’ll get. Likewise, it will discourage those who don't fit from applying.

CASE STUDY: UMATR has improved a US-based Start-up's EVP within the Scala community by taking their brand to conferences and events. This resulted in a 22% spike in direct applications from improving their EVP.

How to go about it?

  • Run an anonymous survey asking your employees what they are happy with, what attracted them in the first place, and why they remain in your organisation. Or, conduct 'exit interviews'. These will help you understand why they left and what may have helped to retain them.

  • Give valuable feedback to those who were rejected, this will improve reputation.

2. Effective branding

Quality candidates are MORE LIKELY to be attracted to organizations with strong VALUES, and who are clear from the start about future career opportunities, working environment, benefits, etc. To achieve effective branding, create an authentic message and tone of voice for your brand, so that candidates know exactly what to expect as an employee. You can do so by optimising your company website. This is one of the first places candidates check to explore the job listing.

Top tip: Post-Covid era will be more about flexible working and making these policies clearly defined for both current and prospective employees.

3. Simple process

An over-complicated and lengthy application process increases the chances of candidates being put off. This can lead to negative reviews, which would just lower the organisation's reputation and hinder the chances of suitable talent being hired.

  • Ensure the application is mobile-friendly. Phones are used more often now, due to their ease.

  • If you are hiring for a specific niche, ask for feedback and then implement it in the future.

  • Ensure the technical questions match the day to day work, or truly extract potential knowledge of a candidate, based on the role and experience.

4. Genuine benefits

Every company offers benefits… so think about benefits only your company can offer.

Are you a transport company, that can offer discounted travel?

  • To attract new talent, and to keep your current employees happy, you need to have an exciting and up to date benefits offering.

  • To ensure you're offering benefits that are attractive to your prospective employees – find out what your competitors are offering, or survey your current employees to see what they'd like to see on offer.

If you are currently hiring for your team of software engineers, but struggling to find, attract and secure top talent, then get in touch today at

Whether it be permanent or contract, USA or Europe, we would be happy to chat to see how we can collaborate and assist in helping you make the hires that matter.



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