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Our time at Lambda Days 2022

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

After forgetting to download boarding passes, having to wait 2 hours on the plane due to staff shortage, seeing furious people causing drama, we made it to Krakow, Poland and ordered an uber straight to the conference venue!

We unwind, unpacked, and prepared ourselves for the next 2 days of the conference!

For the first time Lambda Days 2022 implemented the Students Scheme and we were the official sponsors. The goal of the programme was to increase the attendance of students who are interested in tech, or are even thinking of pursuing a career in tech and software engineering. It involved giving away 10 TICKETS. This sponsorship means a lot to us, since it aligns with a lot of our values. Everyone matters, should love what they do, should dream big and enjoy the journey, and doing all of that… should be fearless! So it was no-brainer sponsoring this scheme!

We were fortunate enough to meet one of the winners of the ticket giveaway, Jakub. Jakub came all the way from Czech Republic for the conference, and expressed thoroughly how much he enjoyed learning and networking with people of the same interest. This is why we do what we do.

Throughout the day we had a chance to talk to some amazing developers, speakers, and our long-time friends in the community including Pawel Szulc! It really was a day filled with functional programming - Scala, Haskell, Erlang!

We can’t wait to attend our next conference sponsoring Functional Scala (Ziverge) - Check out our events page to join us!



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