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Women in Tech Series - Annette's experience

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

​Continuing from International Women’s day in March, we would love to continue to be able to share stories of women in tech, in the hope that it will inspire young women thinking of starting out, or women who are trying to find their way against the odds.

In this blog, we highlight Sarah’s experience as a woman in tech.

Sarah is a Director of Talent Attraction at Pager. She discusses what made her involved in the tech community, her career highlights, and shares advice on what can be done to encourage more women to start in tech. Sarah mentions how happy she is that her daughters are learning about programming in elementary and middle school, and so we are hopeful that the society will continue to provide opportunities for that to continue.

-What made you want to be involved in the tech community?

Being part of the tech community is being part of building a better future. The tech community encourages diverse thoughts and innovation. It is fast paced and provides a lot of opportunities for personal and career growth. The healthcare community is working to improve access to care and patient outcomes. I can't think of a better community to be a part of when you combine the two!

-What was your first role within a tech company?

My role in tech companies is within TA/Recruiting. I have the amazing opportunity to help grow the company one person at a time. I speak with innovative & intelligent people every day and offer opportunities to build careers.

-Any particular highlights of your career?

For me it always goes back to the people that I’ve met along the way. I’ve built lasting friendships and learned so much from people. I love to hear people's journeys from where they’ve started to where they are looking to go and lessons learned along the way.

-Is there anything a woman can do to get started, such as courses, conferences to attend etc?

Get connected; meet people in person/virtually - ask them who they would be willing to introduce you to.

-What can be done to raise awareness and encourage women to work in Tech?

Right now as women are thinking about making a career transition - check out tech companies and see which one(s) may align with a culture that you are looking for. Don’t forget that interviewing is a two-way street - go beyond the website and really listen to what the teams have to say about the culture and mission.

For the future of tech, let’s say that I am hopeful. I am so happy that my daughters are learning about programming in elementary and middle school. Now, we need to continue to encourage and continue to provide opportunities for that to continue. Tech doesn’t just mean you have to have a career in software development though - there are many avenues to work in the tech industry!

-Best piece of advice?

If you are going to run a half marathon you may as well run a full marathon. Yes I admit this may seem like odd advice; but it gave me the confidence to know that someone else believed in me. This advice also helps me remember that the words that you say to each other matter - you never know what you may be inspiring (or deterring) someone to do with your words - your words may have a lasting impact.

We’d like to thank Sarah for her insightful contribution to this blog. Based on her experience, insight and knowledge, we hope that her story will inspire and motivate many women in tech, or women thinking of joining the tech industry.

At UMATR, we encourage diversity in the workplace, and work with tech companies that share the same values as us. We’re happy to say that we’ve placed several female software engineers across many companies, and we continue to do so.

Are you a female engineer looking for a new Scala role, or a tech company looking for talent? Get in touch with and work with us today. At UMATR, as tech recruiters, we are committed to helping you find your dream role, or finding your ideal talent Because You Matter.

#BecauseUMATR 💙💫



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