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Zio Hackathon in New York | UMATR x Ziverge

We are back from the big apple, and the city or the hackathon certainly did not disappoint.

Here at UMATR, we understand the importance of bringing people together and the Zio hackathon event organized by Ziverge did exactly that. It was a pleasure to be able to support such an event, and see a room full of Software Engineers coming together to create something amazing! The collaboration between 50-odd Scala Engineers was definitely great to see. Similarly, the hackathon reunited many people - not only colleagues, fellow coders that have met in the past, but also people who went to college together back in the day and bumped into each other at the hackathon!

Hackathons and conferences are an amazing opportunity to connect and network, so make sure you do not miss out on any future events. Functional Scala Conference being next - get 25% off here:

Aside from loving our time at the hackathon, we enjoyed New York so much we cannot wait until we take Scala Matters there early 2023, and possibly even open an US office there!

We ate a lot of pizza, drank a lot at Starbucks, laughed a ton and toured half of New York on foot (87,000 steps in 4 days). We even got a massage in the middle of Central Park - something that is essential after an 8hr flight, right?

Until next time, New York!

We're still open to pizza recommendations 😉



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