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We're not reinventing the wheel.

But we are making things way smoother.

Some of our partners that already trust us:

We were born out of the desire to challenge conventional and outdated recruitment values.

When it comes to our core recruitment engine, we aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. We are not here to overthrow an industry that has been vital for over one hundred years. But we are here to make it a hell of a lot better! 


Our core recruitment engine offers a traditional, yet effective and premium service. With specialist consultants operating across niche communities such as Scala and Functional Programming, you can be sure to get the support you need on your most urgent roles.

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What really makes us different?

Our people and our process. 


We are value-led and process-obsessed. We get how important your brand and reputation it. These can be deciding factors when securing the best talent. We aim to partner with companies that share our values which allow us to truly become extensions of your team when representing your brand in the community. 

Our consultants have the best training in the industry. We are big believers in continued development and strive to be that extra 1% better each day.

Alongside sales training, we also promote empathy and aim to build long-term relationships, allowing us to represent some of the most exceptional talent in niche communities like Scala.

On top of their own skill set, our team have access to 7x more resources than the average recruiter allowing them to unlock  30% more of the hidden market, be data-driven, and have real-time market insights. 

We are a start-up ourselves so we understand your challenges.

Data-driven & Value-led

Continuous training

31% Diversity hires

People over profit

7x more resources

Scala Specialists

Global reach

We get results

All Hands In







We have deep ties to the Scala & Functional Programming community. It has given us the opportunity to support some of the coolest brands globally.


Functional Programming

Cloud Computing

Our recruitment engine has 3 core functions

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Contingent Recruitment

The no thrills option. No added perks, no commitment. The standard model for most recruitment partnerships globally. We are proud to be able to say we have several of our partners who successfully utilise this model. But overall this is the model that gave recruitment the reputation it has. Whilst it may sound like an ideal situation having no commitment from your side, it also means that the recruiter may not make your hiring needs a priority, or be able to invest much of their time and resources into your hiring plans. 

This model is suitable for large corporations that may have a preferred supplier list in place.  

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Retained Partnership

An increased level of service at no extra cost. By retaining your recruiter with a small initial outlay of the expected fee, which is later deducted from the final amount, you show commitment to your hiring, and commitment to your partnership. This allows your recruiter to show full commitment in return which often comes with a lot of added perks: 

  • Dedicated search team

  • Access to exclusive candidates 

  • Support in increasing EVP

  • Added resources, such as video introductions for new applications

The retained model is able to fill your open roles up to 3x faster compared to the contingent model. 

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Contract Recruitment

So you aren't looking to make any full-time hires, but have an urgent project where you need the support of engineers on a 3-12 month contract basis?

UMATR can take care of all the heavy lifting for you. With a network of the most exceptional engineers globally, contract roles can be filled as quickly as 48 hours. From there onwards, our team will take care of the timesheets, allowing you to make one single payment each month for however many contractors you need for your project! 

Clear costs Access to the best tools Shared Goal Valuable market insights Extensive Networ



Case Study: Chilli Piper

Partner: Chili Piper         Location: Global       Solution: Retained       Hires: 8x Scala Engineers       Time: >4 months       Offer Acceptance: 100%

We partnered with Chili Piper in mid-March 2022 after they failed to see any results with other external partners and internal resources. Their challenge was to attract top Scala Engineers. Being a niche community itself, they were also focusing on a niche within a niche as Chili Piper was looking for engineers with functional experience. After narrowly missing out on candidates within this extremely competitive market they decided to partner with UMATR. 

The solution they favoured was kickstarting a retained partnership. This allowed Chili Piper to have a dedicated search team to unlock the top 5% of the market, and also have these engineers introduced exclusively to have the best chance of securing them. Chili Piper have also benefited from the increased EVP that the UMATR team have boosted for them which has resulted in a spike in direct applications. This was done by actively representing Chili Piper within the community, and taking their brand with us to conferences, such as Lambda Days where we are headline sponsors.


Specialist knowledge.


& Database


Faster hiring.


Continuously Trained




Real-Time Market Insights

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Jazmín Jabloñski,

Jai helped me to bring amazing talent to the company I'm working with.
He immediately understood the culture, mission and what we needed in the team.
I highly recommend him as a partner to scale your team!


Thanks for your help and hard work Jai :)

"UMATR has been one of Hopper Hotels preferred vendors for over 6 months now. After dealing with dozens of 3rd party recruitment agencies, UMATR has been one of the very few shortlisted over time. They have a very unique approach and deep ties in the Scala tech community which distinguishes them from many other players in the field. We've had a decent amount of success together and the hires we've made together are already making an impact in our teams. They take pride in presenting us diversity candidates and have data to back their claims which is refreshing. 100% would recommend."

Kamil Eladas,

image (41).png

Because of a good relationship with UMATR's founder Mitchell, we started to work with UMATR nearly from day one. Getting the attention of Scala developers is a trade on its own. UMATR already has connections in this Scala area which sets them apart from most of the other recruiters. The connection with Mitchell comes with a natural flow, making communication easy and most of all relaxed. With the help of UMATR we were able to fill 3 Scala positions in a relatively short period of time. But maybe more importantly: UMATR was able to find people that fit Ace & Tate from a cultural perspective too.

Many thanks for your help Mitchell and team!"

Martijn Ameling,
Ace & Tate

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"Hiring Scala Engineers is quite challenging. It’s not the most popular programming language comparing to Java or JavaScript.

It’s been 9 months already since we’ve started to work together with UMATR. Сooperation with UMATR significantly increased our candidates pipeline for Scala Engineer role. It helped us to meet planned KPIs in 2021 as well as to meet a lot of new great Scala developers and increase our network.

This is definitely one of the best experience of hiring engineers thought the external partners."

Kateryna Zhylenko,

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