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Hey, I'm Tom Wilson

Senior Consultant

Hey I’m Tom, 👋🏼

I am a Senior Consultant at UMATR!


Since a young age I have always had a competitive nature being immersed into rigorous tennis training from the moment I could walk! I love competition as I believe it nurtures problem solving! Finding a solution, no matter what the situation. During my time in the tennis world, I realised that not only did I have a passion for competition, but I also thoroughly enjoyed helping people hone their craft. I worked with people from all walks of life and level of skill. This helped me develop the skill of understanding what people needed to do to achieve their goals even if they didn’t quite realise it yet. This is what lead me as I got older to have a complete career shift in the direction of recruitment.

My recruitment career was initially launched by helping facilities managers find freelance positions in London. This gave me quick exposure to the world of recruitment and how it linked similarly to the skills I had learned in my times playing and coaching tennis. From a young age I always had a keen interest in software engineering so when the opportunity came to move into this field, I took it in a heartbeat. Working at various start-ups I learnt the struggles yet benefits of working in this environment this lent to my skills in supporting companies as I understood the struggles they had faced from the ground up and the sort of character they would need to succeed in growing their business, I love this job because not only do I get to learn about the new trends in software development and meet some incredibly talented people but I also get to help match them to incredible organisations ranging from start-ups to Behemoth’s in the industry. 🎯🏄🏻‍♂‍

Originally from Rochester in Kent, I am a man that loves to keep himself busy. My hobbies range from painting and drawing all the way to producing and singing music. Alongside these hobbies I love spending time with family and friends exploring the world and trying any food I can. 😊 🚀🌍

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