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We hope to see you there.

Image by Katarzyna Pracuch

Krakow, Poland

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We were the official student sponsors of Lambda days.

The sponsorship included giving away 10 FREE tickets. It meant a lot to us, since it aligns with a lot of our values. Everyone matters, should love what they do, should dream big and enjoy the journey, and doing all of that… should be fearless!

So it was no-brainer sponsoring this scheme!

Image by Chris Barbalis

New York, USA

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This official ZIO Hackathon is designed to bring together many core contributors to ZIO from all around the world, as well as current ZIO users, future ZIO users and contributors, and contributors to other libraries for async and concurrent programming in the broader functional Scala ecosystem.

We will share and learn about ZIO and related projects; chat about functional programming, functional Scala, and much more; work on fun projects; and get to know one another.

Big Ben

London, UK

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Functional Scala 2022 returns for another year of great talks, familiar and fresh spaces, and positive energy around the power of functional Scala for delivering compelling solutions to the toughest technology problems.

  • Hosted in the beautiful Royal Geographical Society and online

  • 50 speakers from London, the UK, and international countries

  • 2 days of talks, single-track

  • Breaks between talks

  • Included open-source hackathon

  • Every ticket includes a collectible Functional Scala T-shirt

Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

The Scala event in France!

The conference included quality talks exploring various aspects of software development and functional programming, with an opening keynote from Martin Odersky and a closing keynote from Adam Frasers.
This event has shown us that the Scala ecosystem is very dynamic, and its community is skyrocketing in the Software Engineering world today. We managed to talk to some brilliant Software Engineers and tech companies that just confirmed it too.

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Lisbon Tram

Lisbon, Portugal

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The third edition of ZIO World brings together ZIO users and contributors worldwide to showcase the power, performance, and productivity of ZIO 2.0 and its broad-based maturing ecosystem. Discover how ZIO 2.0 and a stunning ecosystem of ZIO 2 libraries will give you a competitive edge, making your team more productive and happier than ever before.

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