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We hope to see you there.

Image by Katarzyna Pracuch

Krakow, Poland

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We were the official student sponsors of Lambda days.

The sponsorship included giving away 10 FREE tickets. It meant a lot to us, since it aligns with a lot of our values. Everyone matters, should love what they do, should dream big and enjoy the journey, and doing all of that… should be fearless!

So it was no-brainer sponsoring this scheme!

Image by Chris Barbalis

New York, USA

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This official ZIO Hackathon is designed to bring together many core contributors to ZIO from all around the world, as well as current ZIO users, future ZIO users and contributors, and contributors to other libraries for async and concurrent programming in the broader functional Scala ecosystem.

We will share and learn about ZIO and related projects; chat about functional programming, functional Scala, and much more; work on fun projects; and get to know one another.