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We believe in creating meaningful connections and long-lasting partnerships. We know the best way to do this is to align with our partner's mission and deliver premium results.  Read about some of our favourite success stories. We’ll be more than happy to do the same for you.


What I was pleasantly surprised at was how quickly UMATR integrated within the team. We really view them as an extension of my own recruitment team and very much as team members



I like how you are all about diversity, which is very important to us

My friend said they had a great experience. There was no "reaching out and 2 weeks later you get half an email". They have contacted UMATR, they got back to him, they helped him.

John De Goes
Co-founder at Ziverge


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Jack Gulas,

"We’ve been working with UMATR for over a year now and pride ourselves to be one of their first partners. They provide a superior service whereby they truly understand our company culture and values and have developed a very comprehensive recruiting methodology to find us the best candidates in terms of both technical skills and project experience. The result - they have added numerous team members to our company who are now integral to the success of our business. I truly enjoy working with UMATR and consider them an extension of our team. "

"UMATR has been one of Hopper Hotels preferred vendors for over 6 months now. After dealing with dozens of 3rd party recruitment agencies, UMATR has been one of the very few shortlisted over time. They have a very unique approach and deep ties in the Scala tech community which distinguishes them from many other players in the field. We've had a decent amount of success together and the hires we've made together are already making an impact in our teams. They take pride in presenting us diversity candidates and have data to back their claims which is refreshing. 100% would recommend."

Kamil Eladas,

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Because of a good relationship with UMATR's founder Mitchell, we started to work with UMATR nearly from day one. Getting the attention of Scala developers is a trade on its own. UMATR already has connections in this Scala area which sets them apart from most of the other recruiters. The connection with Mitchell comes with a natural flow, making communication easy and most of all relaxed. With the help of UMATR we were able to fill 3 Scala positions in a relatively short period of time. But maybe more importantly: UMATR was able to find people that fit Ace & Tate from a cultural perspective too.

Many thanks for your help Mitchell and team!"

Martijn Ameling,
Ace & Tate

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"Hiring Scala Engineers is quite challenging. It’s not the most popular programming language comparing to Java or JavaScript.

It’s been 9 months already since we’ve started to work together with UMATR. Сooperation with UMATR significantly increased our candidates pipeline for Scala Engineer role. It helped us to meet planned KPIs in 2021 as well as to meet a lot of new great Scala developers and increase our network.

This is definitely one of the best experience of hiring engineers thought the external partners."

Kateryna Zhylenko,

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