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At Scala Matters, we champion the transformative power of community building and the creating a strong sense of belonging within the Scala ecosystem. Our meet-ups are thoughtfully designed to inspire collaboration, foster continuous learning, and offer valuable networking opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned Scala developer, an avid learner, or simply eager to stay ahead of the latest trends in functional programming, our events are tailored to meet your needs. Join us and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to the shared passion for Scala and the possibilities it brings.

Upcoming Meet-ups

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Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

Our final Scala meet-up of 2023, in collaboration with SWAN, took place in Paris, France, and it exceeded our expectations. The event featured insightful talks, featuring Antoine Queiros diving into 'Functional Programming,' Adam Warski discussing 'Building a Concurrency Library on top of Loom,' and Valentin Bergeron and Raphaël Lemaitre presenting 'Armoured Type Safety with Iron.' The collective expertise and diverse topics made it a memorable end to the year.

Watch all the talks here
Image by Florian Wehde

Berlin, Germany

Our Berlin meet-up, held in collaboration with MOIA, was a huge success filled with energy and a diverse range of topics. Adding a unique touch, one of our speakers even played the guitar. The evening featured talks from William Binzi on ‘Can Scala replace my Pedalboard?, Maciej Gorywoda on ‘The State of IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2023,’ and Matthew de Detrich on ‘Pekko: Hard Solutions to the Issues of Hard-Forking.’ 

Watch all the talks here
Image by Nikolay Kovalenko

Cologne, Germany

Our meetup in Cologne, Germany, was held in collaboration with REWE Digital. All the speakers brought incredible charisma and offered a diverse range of topics. Jiaoling Chen gave a talk on 'Mastering Scala 3: A Journey Through Enhanced Development Experiences,' Ariane Horbach presented on 'Programming Data Ingestion Jobs using Scala,' and Nabil Abdel-Hafeez spoke about 'The Evolution of Scala’s HTTP Server Landscape.'

Watch all the talks here
Image by Levi Meir Clancy

Tel Aviv, Israel

This marked our first Scala Matters meet-up in Tel Aviv, Israel, in collaboration with HiBob, and what an amazing evening it was! One of the highlights of the event was the enlightening talks delivered by three speakers: Boris Kushnir discussed 'Advanced Pattern Matching in Scala,' Matan Keidar explored 'The World of Scala Type Classes,' and Igal Tabachnik presented on 'The Business of Scala.

Watch all the talks here
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