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6 Tips on How to Ace Your Video Interview

Do you find remote video interviews to be daunting?

Being on camera isn't always a comfortable experience, and this discomfort can sometimes affect your performance during an interview. Unlike in-person meetings, where you can pick up on someone's body language and non-verbal cues to gauge their enthusiasm (or lack thereof), video interviews present their own set of challenges.

Over the last few years, many businesses have opted towards video interviewing as part of their hiring process. Many see if as a method with lots of advantages, such as less time being wasted, better logistics, an easier approach to recruiting, and overall a quicker recruitment process.

However you might feel about video interviews, it’s always beneficial to be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips to help streamline the process:

Prepare Ahead of Time

Make sure to do all of your research prior to the interview and take time to explore the company’s website and LinkedIn pages thoroughly, to gain insight into their culture and values. Also make sure to review the job description to fully understand what’s involved in the role you have applied for and practice questions around it, this is crucial to get a deeper understanding of what the HR/recruiter will be looking for.

Check Your Set-Up

Ensure you have the correct interview software installed to avoid last-minute stress, and double-check the platform being used. Additionally, select a suitable, quiet, and well-lit location with a stable Wi-Fi connection for a professional and stress-free experience. Taking these small but necessary things into consideration can make you look professional and feel relaxed on the day. It's one less thing to worry about!

Eliminate Distractions

Prior to your interview do your best to eliminate distractions in your environment. Turn off your laptop notifications and set your phone too silent. A distraction free environment ensures that you can concentrate fully on the conversation and present your best self to the interviewer.

Look The Part

Make sure your outfit is clean, and suitable for the role and company culture. Being well-prepared with this will boost your confidence throughout and leave a positive impression.

Have Your Questions Ready

Remember it's a two-way interview and your chance to get to know more about the role/company and decide whether it's right for you. This curiousness showcases your genuine interest and aids in forming a well-informed judgment regarding the role's suitability for your career aspirations and expectations.

Send a Follow Up

In the highly competitive landscape of job interviews, the simple act of sending a well-crafted thank-you note following an interview can make a significant difference. It's a nice gesture that goes a long way in leaving a positive impression on your potential employer. By taking the time to express your appreciation for the opportunity and thanking your interviewer for their time and insights, you not only showcase your professionalism but also demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and the company.

Even with the best preparation, life can throw surprises on interview day, and that's okay. These tips can help you stay organised and make the interview go as smoothly as possible. Stay relaxed, be professional, and stay true to yourself throughout the process!



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