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63% of Partners Opt for Our Retained Model - Here's Why! | UMATR

In the dynamic landscape of business partnerships, companies are continually exploring and refining models that not only foster collaboration but also ensure long-term success.

At UMATR, we take pride in the fact that 63% of our valued partners choose the retained model. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind this preference and explain why this model has become the preferred choice for our partners.

Firstly, what is retained?

Retained recruitment is where a client hires a recruitment agency to fill a specific position on an exclusive basis. In other words, the client pays an upfront fee to the agency to start the recruitment process, and the agency dedicates a team of recruiters to fill the position. The recruitment agency works on the assignment until the position is filled, or until the search is terminated.

So why would do our partners choose this model when working with us?

  1. Predictable cost

One of the key factors driving our partners towards the retained model is the predictability it offers in terms of cost. In a business environment where budgeting and financial planning is crucial, the retained model provides a fixed and foreseeable cost structure. This predictability allows our partners to allocate resources more efficiently and make informed decisions further.

2. Dedicated resources and expertise

This dedicated approach ensures a higher level of attention to detail and a thorough understanding of our partners' goals. The continuity of the team working on the project leads to a more seamless workflow, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability that is often instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.

3. Long-term relationship building

Choosing the retained model signifies a commitment to a long-term relationship. This commitment goes beyond the transactional aspects of a partnership and fosters a sense of trust and collaboration. Building strong and lasting relationships with our partners is at the core of our values, and the retained model serves as a vehicle for achieving this goal. We are still partnered with some of our partners since the first month of founding!

4. Reduced Time-to-Hire

Retained reduces the time-to hire. We are able to focus exclusively on filling the position, rather than splitting our team’s time and resources among multiple clients. Retained recruitment can also result in a more efficient recruitment process since, usually, recruitment agency is able to quickly screen and select the most qualified candidates. Not to mention that we already have a great talent pool of Engineers in our pipeline that speeds up the process!

In conclusion, the decision of 63% of our partners to choose the retained model is grounded in the tangible benefits it offers. From cost predictability to strategic alignment, dedicated resources, reduce time-to-hire, and the opportunity for long-term relationship building, the retained model proves to be a winning formula for both our organisation and our partners. We remain committed to providing the highest level of value and success to our partners who choose this model.



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