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Encipher Technology is part of UMATR Group

We are pleased to share that Encipher Technology has merged with the UMATR Group!

Encipher is a boutique staffing company that aims to connect the exceptional to the innovative, primarily within the Machine Learning and Data Science communities across North America.

This isn’t the first time Mitchell and Charlie are collaborating. Before founding their businesses, they helped scale another start-up, expand businesses internationally, build teams, and travel the world together…so this is a partnership that has a proven track record of success.

Our goal when founding UMATR was always to work alongside the most amazingly ambitious people and build something astronomical with a shared vision.

We have never cared how that structure looks. We believe our willingness (and almost instinctive nature) to zig when everyone else zags is what has created the best parts of UMATR today.

The times we have followed the crowd, outsiders advice, or just “traditional” routes that are “supposed” to be followed is where we’ve made our biggest mistakes. As a company, we have recently been openly speaking as a team about our plans for the future, and part of that is how we must follow our gut and do what we feel is right, no matter how unconventional.

So what can you expect from this merge?

✅ The Encipher brand remains, and will continue to operate across North America, but will now have the infrastructure to also further service Europe, the MiddleEast, and APAC.

✅ An even more premium level of service with more tools, more resources, more branding, a wider network, and lots more added benefits such as being able to leverage both company's specialist areas to support clients hiring needs keeping their tech recruitment support all under one umbrella.

✅ Lots of growth! The future of ML and AI is so exciting so we will be scaling the Encipher brand via the UMATR platform, and utilising everything we’ve created for team members to thrive.

Welcome to the team Charlie, and Encipher Technology.



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