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How Continuous Learning Can Help Retain Talent

Continuous learning is a combination of upskilling, reskilling, and newskilling. It’s an opportunity for employees to learn in every aspect of their work. Whether that’s via an external resource or by providing them internal options, an employee’s knowledge will always be expanding.

Continuous learning opportunities can help you retain the talent you deserve. Providing continuous learning to the team can help a company save money, and time spent looking for new team members—especially in times of great change.

How Can Learning Opportunities Help To Retain Talent?

  • It builds employee trust.

By placing trust in employees with responsibility, trust eventually begins to run both ways.

  • It maintains employee engagement.

Engaged employees generate 2.5x more revenue in comparison to disengaged employees.

  • It shows that you’re open to employee growth.

A huge retention and acquisition strategy is introducing employee growth plans on day one. Upskilling and reskilling opportunities are a tactic within that plan.

  • Eradicates glass ceilings.

Glass ceilings are a thing of the past. Someone shouldn’t walk into your company feeling like they can only climb so high because they did not have the privilege of going to college. Your company becomes more inclusive of all people and their backgrounds.

  • It promotes employee empowerment.

Research of over 30,000 individuals shows that employee empowerment leads to better workplace performance, improved organizational behaviour, and greater creativity.

Be aware that it is not something that’s limited to office space. Employers need to support teams from a distance and identify ways to introduce L&D initiatives globally— make it remote friendly including ways like online training.



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