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Our Team's Top Tips for Moving to Dubai

Have you been thinking about making the move to Dubai?

Relocating is a huge decision, which can bring about life-changing experiences. Our team recently went through the experience of moving from the UK to Dubai, and we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you along on this journey. From navigating the city to embracing the unique lifestyle, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our team's tips:

Jai, Principal Consultant:

''Move to Dubai with a long-term mindset, don't get pulled into the 'Dubai lifestyle' right away. It is easy to get here and be blinded by the big city, beach clubs and all the other things there is to do here, but if you are planning to be in Dubai for the long run then you will have plenty of time to enjoy all of that. Get here, get settled, understand your living costs, then you can start to enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer.''

Patrycja, Marketing Manager:

''I would recommend getting a Privilee membership for unlimited access to some of the most exclusive lifestyle destinations in Dubai. It costs around £100 a month but you end up saving lots of money on beach clubs, restaurants & gyms! The average entry fee is around 300 AED (£60) but with this membership you get free entry to some of the best beach clubs and pools including Cove, Terra Solis, Address Sky View etc. you even get discounts on food and drinks! I also love trying all the different gyms without having to commit to separate memberships.''

Jack, Principal Consultant :

''Make sure to really take the time to explore the different areas in Dubai and find where you want to live, taking into consideration your commute to work as the traffic can get bad.

Dubai is a huge city with limited public transport options, so the best way to get around is by car. While it might be tempting to buy a new car when you get here, it's worth taking advantage of the readily accessible rentals - they're really common!''

Olivia, Marketing Executive:

''The first initial move is no doubt going to be scary, which is why it’s so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get out to meet new people. Dubai offers lots of communities to connect with, whether you're interested in joining run clubs, gym bootcamps, or outdoor yoga sessions. Everyone is in the same boat and looking to make new friends; I would recommend joining Facebook groups like 'Brits in Dubai' or, for the ladies, 'ATB x Dubai,' you’ll notice the community feel before you even land.''

Hollie, Principal Talent Scout:

''Firstly, I would recommend moving out here with at least 5-10k to make sure all moving costs/deposits are covered and you have money just incase you need anything. I would also recommend living in a Airbnb or hotel for your first 2 months to get to know your surroundings, find the best to live and to network, as the more people you meet the better recommendations you’ll have on places to live or they can introduce you to landlords.''

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