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Recap of our Scala Matters meet-up in Tel-Aviv

We recently hosted our first Scala Matters meet-up in Tel Aviv, Israel in collaboration with HiBob, and what an amazing evening it turned out to be! This event marked the beginning of an exciting series of Scala meet-ups set to take place in multiple different countries over the last five months of 2023. The Tel Aviv meet-up was a huge success, bringing together Scala enthusiasts for an evening of knowledge-sharing, networking, and, of course, a few slices of pizza.

The Power of Community

Scala Matters has always believed in the incredible power of building connections and fostering a strong sense of belonging within the Scala community. The Tel Aviv meet-up was a testament to this belief as Scala enthusiasts gathered under one roof to share their passion for this versatile programming language.

One of the highlights of the evening was the enlightening talks delivered by three speakers:

Boris Kushnir tackled advanced pattern matching in Scala, offering a comprehensive view of this prominent feature and shedding light on the inner workings of pattern matching.

Matan Keidar delved into the world of Scala type classes, highlighting their potential to enhance code abstraction and reuse, demonstrating real-world examples of how they simplify complex tasks and promote elegant solutions, and equipping attendees to write more modular and maintainable Scala code.

Igal Tabachnik explored "The Business of Scala," discussing the real-life problems Scala solves and advocating for its use in 2023.

Here's how it went...

Our meet-ups are designed to foster collaboration, learning, and networking opportunities. Whether you're an experienced Scala developer, a curious learner, or someone interested in the latest trends in functional programming, this event is for you!

Join us at the next Scala Matters Meet-ups:

  • 18th October in Cologne - Secure your tickets here

  • 19th October in Berlin - Secure your tickets here



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