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Recap of our Scala Matters meet-ups in Germany

We recently hosted our series of Scala meet-ups in Cologne and Berlin, in collaboration with REWE Digital and MOIA. Two cities in two days! We couldn't be happier with how the events turned out, all of the speakers brought incredible charisma and offered a diverse range of topics. With over 150 attendees across both cities, bringing together Scala enthusiasts for an evening of knowledge-sharing, networking, and of course, a few slices of pizza.

One of the highlights of the evening was the talks delivered by our amazing speakers...


  • Jiaoling Chen, a Scala Developer at REWE, on "Mastering Scala 3: A Journey Through Enhanced Development Experiences"

  • Ariane Horbach, a Data Engineer at DHL, on "Programming Data Ingestion Jobs using Scala"

  • Nabil Abdel-Hafeez, a Software Engineer at REWE, on "The Evolution of Scala's HTTP Server Landscape with a live demo"


  • William Binzi, a Software Engineer at MOIA, on "Can Scala replace my pedalboard?"

  • Maciej Gorywoda, a Scala Developer at JetBrains, on "The State of the IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2023"

  • Matthew de Detrich, an Open Source Developer at Aiven, on "Pekko: Hard Solutions

Here's how it went...

Our meet-ups are crafted to encourage collaboration, facilitate learning, and provide networking opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned Scala developer, an inquisitive learner, or someone keen on staying updated with the latest trends in functional programming, this event is tailored just for you!

Join us at the next Scala Matters meet-up:

  • 28th November in Paris - Secure your tickets here



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